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RE: [RawPortland] Teleconference #7: Trusting Nature's Design: A Step-By-Step Guide to Fasting

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  • Joy King
    Just RSVP to this email - RSVP@PathOfHealth.org Joy ... From: RawPortland@yahoogroups.com [mailto:RawPortland@yahoogroups.com]On Behalf Of Ildiko Panczel
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 27, 2006
      Just RSVP to this email - RSVP@PathOfHealth. org
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      Subject: Re: [RawPortland] Teleconference #7: Trusting Nature's Design: A Step-By-Step Guide to Fasting

      well i tried to RSVP or to join the group and ...could not...could be my mistake?!

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      From: "INFO @ Vibrant Life" <VLinfo@earthlink. net>
      To: "INFO @ Vibrant Life" <VLinfo@earthlink. net>
      Subject: [RawPortland] Teleconference #7: Trusting Nature's Design: A Step-By-Step Guide to Fasting
      Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 11:43:06 -0700

      Greetings everyone!
      We are pleased to announce our next FREE teleconference on Wednesday evening, October 4Everyone is invited to participate!
      DATE: Wednesday evening, October 4, 2006 CE
      TIME: 8:30 PM EDT / 5:30 PM PDT
      DURATION: Approx. 90 minutes
      COST: FREE
      RSVP: See details below
      : Monoeating, Fasting, and Self-Love  
              We request that everyone who chooses to participate in this
              October 4 teleconference first review the audio recording from our
              September 13  teleconference, "Monoeating, Fasting, and Self-Love"
              We will provide a link to the September 13 audio file to  all those 
              who register for the October 4 teleconference.
      During  our previous teleconference, we shared a conceptual framework for understanding simplified eating and fasting, based upon faith (but not any particular religious or spiritual viewpoint), trust, and self-love, and we offered a foundation of organizing principles that bring clarity and simplicity to these topics. 
      Building upon this foundation, we now present a step-by-step guide to fasting on water only. 
      - We distinguish between fasting on water vs. other approaches.
      - We examine the fundamental distinctions between fasting and what people commonly call "cleanses".
      - We set forth, in an organized, orderly way, the stages involved in a fast of any substantive duration, from advance preparation through reintegration into "normal" daily living.
      - We explore specific beliefs, fears, choices, and actions that foster successful (and unsuccessful) fasting.
      Our intention is to provide, within the time available, a coherent basis upon which participants can form their own conclusions about whether fasting on water alone represents a "good fit" for themselves. We wish to foster a sense of confidence and self-reliance, and also to share
      several unusual perspectives, even for those familiar with these topics. We hope you'll join us!
      ____________ _________ _________
      As always, our goal is simple: to share from our own success, so that others may experience similar success. Over time, we hope to foster and nurture, along with others, a healthful and uplifting sense of connection and community with all who choose to share together in this way.
      We will not be selling anything, no books, tapes, workshops, or anything else. All of this is simply a personal, private gift we wish to share with anyone who wishes to receive it. We will (attempt to) record the teleconference, and we will give a copy of this recording to all participants, for their private, personal use only. Our policy in this regard is explained more fully in the RSVP autoreply we send you when you RSVP for the teleconference.
      Unless you ask us  to do so, we will not store your name or email address anywhere (except perhaps our spam white lists). If you wish us to add your name and email address to our teleconference email list, please feel free to let us know in your RSVP message or at any other time by writing to us at Opt-In@PathOfHealth .org Or, join our PathOfHealth Yahoo group to participate in an ongoing inquiry about health and well-being.
      FORMAT: Presentation, with questions interspersed along the way
      RSVP:  RSVP@PathOfHealth. org   (NOT via the Yahoo group, please)
                    (In case Yahoo ate the above, it's: "RSVP @ PathOfHealth dot org",
                    only remove the spaces and change "dot" to a period.)

                    NOTE 1: If you do not receive an automated response within a few minutes, 
                    please send a brief message to BobFarrell @ PathOfHealth dot org.
                    (Remove the spaces and change "dot" to a period.)
                    NOTE 2:  If you RSVP separately for the monoeating/fasting, experiential
                    program, you are automatically signed up for this teleconference. You need
                    not RSVP twice.
      Best to all,
      Bob Farrell

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