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FW: [PathOfHealth] Monoeating and Fasting: Experiential Learning on the PathOfHealth (9/13-18)

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  • Joy King
    In case anyone is interested - I am going to be participating - it is a great deal for how much attention and information you receive. Also, if someone cannot
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      In case anyone is interested - I am going to be participating - it is a great deal for how much attention and information you receive.
      Also, if someone cannot truly afford the $95, contact them directly - they have dedicated their lives to service and would never turn someone away because of lack of funds...I can assure you that.
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      From: Elchanan [mailto:Elchanan@...]
      Sent: Saturday, September 02, 2006 4:25 PM
      To: PathOfHealth@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [PathOfHealth] Monoeating and Fasting: Experiential Learning on the PathOfHealth (9/13-18)

      Greetings everyone,

      Before watermelon season ends, we would like to offer a dynamic learning experience involving monoeating and fasting. We begin with our next teleconference (#6) on Wednesday, September 13, which remains free and open to anyone. Then, during the 5 days that follow, we offer additional teleconferences and private coaching as you experience a 3-day watermelon (or other fruit) diet, followed by a 1-day water fast and 1-day reentry transition 

      We both believe deeply that experience is the best teacher in many things. Although we can write back and forth, sharing information and describing experiences, for many people the message really “sinks in” best through personal experience. We seek to nurture such learning through this program.

      We propose to offer you this learning experience in exchange for your sending us, as an even-exchange transaction, 95 USD. This includes all the teleconferences and recordings, as well as additional private conversation time if someone is having problems and needs help. In other words, if you experience a problem, we will provide a means where you can call in and receive timely personal support. In harmony with our own principle of service, we will not exclude anyone for lack of funds.


      From yesterday’s post entitled “Balance, Harmony, and Exchange”:

      Exchange means giving and receiving reciprocally, such that what is given and what is received are perceived as equivalents; hence, exchange transactions are transactions of barter, not of sale or purchase.

      Exchange requires a common sense of value, a sense of balance shared among the parties to the exchange. And exchange typically requires a sense of harmony among the parties. That is, a genuine exchange can only take place when every party involved enters the exchange (the agreement, or contract) freely, in an atmosphere of peacefulness and without duress of any kind.

      Please note that we offer this monodiet/fasting program only to PathOfHealth group participants and their family/household members and friends. If you have questions, please write to us in the group or privately, as you prefer. We hope you decide to join us!

      Best to all,

      Elchanan and Bob

      ____________ _________ _________ _____


      Wed 9/13                      FREE teleconference: Monoeating, Fasting, and Self-Love

                                             As with our previous teleconferences, this we offer this

                                             One at no cost, and all are invited, regardless of whether

                                             you choose to participate in the program that follows.

      Thu–Sat 9/14–16        Coached 3-day watermelon monodiet

                                             We will provide a teleconference each day,

                                             and in addition we will be available for brief

                                             private conversations to support participants in

                                             implementing a monodiet for 3 days.


                                             (If you prefer a sweet fruit other than watermelon,

                                             just let us know, that is probably fine.)

                                             NOTE about Thursday teleconference:  We will

                                             describe and partially reenact the conversations we

                                             shared before, during, and after Bob’s recent fast.

                                             You’ll be amazed at what is NOT in any book!

                                             A real treat!

      Sun 9/17                       Coached 1-day water fast

                                             We will provide 2 teleconferences, one early in the day,

                                             the other toward evening, to support participants in

                                             creating a one-day experience consuming nothing

                                             but water, and to prepare for reentry to “normal” eating

                                             the next day.

      Mon 9/18                      Coached reentry day  

                                             Elchanan will be available for brief private conversations

                                             for several hours during the day, and we will provide an

                                             evening teleconference, to answer questions and

                                             consolidate observations about what  people have

                                             experienced during the past several days.

      Teleconference           Wed 9/13    5:30 PM PDT/8:30 EDT, 90 minutes

      Schedule                      Thu 9/14     6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT, 60 minutes

                                             Fri 9/15        6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT, Q&A

                                             Sat 9/16      1:00 PM PDT / 4:00 PM EDT, Q&A

                                             Sun 9/17     9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM (noon) EDT, Q&A

                                                                  6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT, Q&A

                                             Mon 9/18    6:00 PM PDT / 9:00 PM EDT, Q&A

      FAQ                               1. May I participate in this exchange and join in the

                                             Thursday–Monday teleconferences, even if I don’t do

                                             the 3-day monodiet and/or the 1-day water fast?


      >>   Yes, just let us know your wishes.

                                             2. Is there a discount for couples, or for people living

                                             in the same household?


      >>   Our
      policy is: “Married and genuine life-partner

                                             couples come as one.” It’s up to you to define your

                                             “status” in this regard. We welcome all interested children!

                                             3. Will all the teleconferences be recorded?

      >>   Yes, and everyone who
      participates in this exchange
      will receive all the recordings, in mp3 format, for personal,

                                             private use ONLY>

      Exchange                     If you choose to participate in the Thursday–Monday program,

                                             we request that you do the following:

      1.      Send a blank email to Monoeating@PathOfHe alth.org.  
      (You will automatically be signed up for the Wednesday
      teleconference. )

      2.      Send us, as an equal-value exchange, 95 USD IN CASH/CURRENCY. (It will get here, don’t worry.) 
      Please send to:

                                                      Vibrant Life

                                                      in care of 505 Mesa Verde Place

                                                      Pleasant Hill [94523]


                                             If you wish to participate and need to send these funds

                                             in a couple of smaller installments, or if you cannot afford

                                             the 95 USD exchange we request, please contact one of

                                             us privately so that we can arrange something that works

                                             for you.

                                             If you DO have the means to give more and wish to add to

                                             our scholarship fund (Vibrant Living Endowment Fund), we

                                             would gratefully receive your additional gift, love offering,
      tithe, etc. Please note that Vibrant Life is a lawful ministry

                                             and a corporation sole, and all donations made to Vibrant

                                             Life are tax deductible in the UNITED STATES and all its

                                             subcorporate states (e.g., State of Alabama , etc.).

      We welcome all feedback and questions.


      Elchanan and Bob

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