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RE: [RawPortland] New Member - can I ask a favor?

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  • Joy King
    Hello - I think you have to take all advice with a grain of salt - I had another friend move here and got the same advice - NO on this - NO on that...but what
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 4, 2006
      Hello -
      I think you have to take all advice with a grain of salt - I had another friend move here and got the same advice - NO on this - NO on that...but what she found and what I advise is that every area has pluses and minuses...and, of course, stereotypes - so, don't completely avoid places people say 'NO' to - ask questions and more questions of different people.  Having been in real estate, I have seen people overlook areas that are really charming and have everything they are looking for because of stereotypes.
      At first glance, here are some areas I would highly recommend you consider - there are quite a few more, but you have to define the home you are looking for -
      Beaumont - it is in NE Portland - has great 'community feel' - very close to downtown
      Multnomah Village - in SW Portland - it has a great community feel - there are lots of little shops you can walk to - plus Multnomah Arts Center (classes for kids, adults, etc) - all in the same area.
      Sellwood - SE Portland - great community
      The bigger question you have to ask yourself - how much do you want to spend, what size/type of home do you want (old, new), etc, etc - all of these play a big role in area.  For instance, I love bigger lots and I love 50's ranches - so, I live in the Raleigh Hill's neighborhood (SW Portland).  Now, if I loved bungalos, smaller (or bigger or newer or older) homes &/or smaller lots, this wouldn't be the best place for me. 
      One thing about Portland - there are LOTS of great community-feel areas - you just have to define the home you are looking for  better to narrow it down.
      Also, I am happy to talk with you off-line as it might get a little in depth for the raw Portland chat group!
      Not sure if that helps!
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      Hello all -
      I am a crunchy kind of mom who tries to aim for whole foods for my family and we're comfortable where we are and what we've learned but now we are looking at a big move in the near future.
      We are currently living in Corvallis (wonderful!) and my husband is about to finally receive his CPA license.   His plan is to work for a CPA firm in the Portland area.  We are not big-city people and not familiar with Portland at all.  We're hoping to find a 'city within the big city'.   A smaller area, clean and nice, decent schools, family-friendly (we have a two year old and plan to expand our family), close to I-5?  I know this is a lot to ask but does anyone have a clue of what area/suburb/ town in or around Portland might match up to this, or come at all close?  So far I have heard that Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tigard, Gresham and Aloha are all big NO's.  Lake Oswego would be nice but is probably too expensive for us starting out and West Linn is a little too south (in case he works downtown – trying to prevent a bad commute).


      Multnomah Village has been recommended to me but I'm not sure why, but anyway so now I'm curious about the whole west side of Portland, is it decent?   It seems smaller, as if the east side is way more 'big city living'.  Or am I off base? 


      I would SO appreciate hearing where you think are nice areas for a young family or where we should avoid and why.   We will surely miss Corvallis but hoping to find an area that will suffice.  Thanks again for any advice or thoughts.  My aplogies if this post does not belong in this group for some reason...
      : )

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