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Facts About Raw Food Education

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  • Gideon Graff
    We know logically and scientifically, that a low fat vegan diet of uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, is the only way to achieve great health and
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      We know logically and scientifically, that a low fat vegan diet of uncooked fruits,
      vegetables, nuts and seeds, is the only way to achieve great health and well being. Any of
      us who has been a part of this movement for even a few month, will have witnessed great
      results on themselves, family members and friends. We have seen enough evidence to feel
      confident that the raw food diet is the answer to all issues of health pollution, scarcity of
      food and resources and peaceful existence on this planet with all of godÕs creation.

      Even as we are aware of all of the above, our addict ion to cooked food, and living in a
      cooked world, sometime, or often sidetrack us and prevent us from achieving our health

      Mastery of raw food preparation is essential for a successful transition, and maintenance
      of raw lifestyle. Without being able to provide a break from the monotony of fruits and
      salads, without being able to entertain our friends and family, without being able to
      celebrate holidays and have parties, many of us will oscillate between raw and cooked for
      a long time, delaying healing and well being, and frustrating and confusing us in the

      Jackie Graff has received a unique talent, she creates wonderful, delicious raw food. Her
      dishes are simple to make, without too many ingredients, and the results are always great.
      All of her recipes have been tested in her ÒSprout CafŽÓ by thousands of customers, have
      been made by thousands of people who took her classes, and bought her recipe books.

      Jackie and GideonÕs two days class is offered twice a month, in Atlanta, GA and In Shelby,
      SC. In only two days, students learn the principal of organization, preparation, shopping
      and serving over 50 great recipes, from simple easy to make soups, smoothies, to more
      complicated and gourmet holiday and ethnic cuisine.

      Many students, who took the GraffÕs two days seminar, were able to start their own raw
      businesses, and minister and educate other people in their communities.

      There are but a few places to go and learn serious raw food preparation. All of them
      charge from $800 - $2000 or more for less knowledge and recipes than you will master at
      the GraffÕs class, for only $300 per person or $500 for a couple, making it the absolute
      best value for raw food education in the nation.

      Hallelujah Acres, is an international organization, promoting raw lifestyle for Christians
      and the world, from a biblical perspective based on Genesis 1:29. Two years ago, the
      opened their culinary academy, and invited the GraffÕs to teach the two days seminar, after
      reviewing most raw teachers in the country, and deciding that Jackie and Gideon are the

      Praises for the class by students are too numerous to count, and most represented by the
      comment Òthis is the best money I ever spentÓ, but we like to let you know what students
      complained about:
      When asked "What did you like the list about the course?" Students answered: Nothing...?
      So much food, too little time to eat..?
      That Jackie and Gideon cannot come home with me...?
      Too short - not really, but I hate to leave. You lived up to my expectations!?
      I could only eat so much...?
      Don't mess with perfection..?
      That is was not longer, because I had and excellent time...?
      None, it was perfect, great teachers, lots of information...?
      Absolutely nothing, everything was great...?
      Excellent class. don't change a thing...

      In the rest of 2006 we will teach the two days seminar at the following dates:

      In Shelby NC:

      September 22 and 23
      October 10 and 11
      November 20 and 21
      January 26 and 27

      There are a wide variety of hotels, motels and camping near by.

      In Atlanta, GA:
      September 16 and 17
      October 28 and 29
      November 11 and 12

      Students from out of town, who take the class in Atlanta, can stay in a guest room in our
      place for $25 per night, and we will include transportation from and to the train
      connecting to the Atlanta airport. We also include a raw dinner on Friday night.

      For more information, please email me at gideongraff@charter,net or call me at 770

      Thank you,

      Gideon Graff
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