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FW: [PathOfHealth] Teleconference #5: Messages From Within: Understanding Symptoms and Senses

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  • Joy King
    Another freebie! Joy ... From: Elchanan [mailto:VLinfo@earthlink.net] Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 7:25 PM To: PathOfHealth@yahoogroups.com Subject:
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      Another freebie!
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      Subject: [PathOfHealth] Teleconference #5: Messages From Within: Understanding Symptoms and Senses

      Greetings everyone!
      We are proceeding as planned with our next teleconference next Wednesday evening, August 23. Of course, everyone is invited to participate!
      This particular teleconference will be a special one for us -- wwill provide a forum for you to invite friends and family whom you WISH could better understand why you pursue this path.
      THEMEMessages From Within: Understanding Symptoms and Senses  
      Many people seek better health—more energy, pain-free living, easier movement, greater clarity and focus—but feel confused about how best to succeed. Regardless of whether you have an interest in raw food, there are certain principles, or core ideas, that can make a profound difference by giving you greater clarity and a sense of freedom and ease in making future health-related choices.
      Almost all approaches to healing, from traditional allopathic medicine to New Age energy work, share a common understanding of symptoms: they are something to be "cured" or at least "relieved". During this teleconference, we explore an entirely different perspective, where we value our symptoms and seek to make constructive use of them at every opportunity. We offer a new paradigm for understanding our relationship with the Universe/Divinity, with Nature and Nature's design, and with ourselves and our "symptoms".
      Then we apply this understanding by exploring how we perceive and experience through our senses—sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing, and beyond. Using a synthesis of ideas drawn from physics, biology, philosophy/religion , and experience, we explore what factors influence how we perceive "reality".
      Finally, we come full circle to our underlying focus on creating health: 
      • Where does health "come from"?
      • How much control -- and even choice -- do we really have?
      • And ultimately, how can we empower ourselves to create and sustain the health we desire?
      Although we offer this teleconference within the framework of the raw food community, our focus this particular evening is broader in scope. Our intention is to provide a comfortable and fascinating discussion that appeals to many people, regardless of dietary choice, and also to people who enjoy having a little science to back up what is being said. We hope you'll join us!
      As always, our goal is simple: to share from our own success, so that others may experience similar success. Over time, we hope to foster and nurture, along with others, a healthful and uplifting sense of connection and community with all who choose to share together in this way.
      We will not be selling anything, no books, tapes, workshops, or anything else. All of this is simply a personal, private gift we wish to share with anyone who wishes to receive it. We will (attempt to) record the teleconference, and we will give a copy of this recording to all participants, for your private, personal use. Our policy in this regard is explained more fully in the RSVP autoreply we send you when you sign up for the teleconference.
      Unless you ask us  to do so, we will not store your name or email address anywhere (except perhaps our spam whitelists). If you wish us to add your name and email address to our teleconference email list, please feel free to let us know in your RSVP message or at any other time by writing to us at Opt-In@PathOfHealth .orgOr, join our PathOfHealth Yahoo group to participate in an ongoing inquiry about health and well-being.
          DATE: Wednesday evening, August 23, 2006 CE
          TIME: 8:30 PM EDT / 5:30 PM PDT
          DURATION: Approx. 90 minutes
          FORMATPresentation, with questions interspersed along the way
          COST: FREE
          MAX PARTICIPANTS: 96
          RSVP RSVP@PathOfHealth. org   (NOT via the Yahoo group, please)
                    (In case Yahoo ate the above, it's: "RSVP @ PathOfHealth dot org",
                    only remove the spaces and change "dot" to a period.)

                    NOTE 1: If you do not receive an automated response within a few minutes, 
                    please send a brief message to BobFarrell @ PathOfHealth dot org.
                    (Remove the spaces and change "dot" to a period.)
                    NOTE 2: Please RSVP even if you are on our opt-in list or the PoH Yahoo group.
                   FreeConference. com "lets us know" when we have reserved more phone lines than we
                    actually use, so having a fairly close count for each teleconference is most helpful.
      Best to all,
      Bob and Elchanan

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