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RE: [RawPortland] Re: temperature enzymes are damaged

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  • Joy King
    Oops! Today is Wednesday - I meant TODAY - the conference is today!! :-) Sorry about that! Joy ... From: Joy King [mailto:joy@joyking.us] Sent: Wednesday,
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 9, 2006
      Oops!  Today is Wednesday - I meant TODAY - the conference is today!! :-)  Sorry about that!
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 4:29 PM
      To: Z Raw Portland
      Subject: RE: [RawPortland] Re: temperature enzymes are damaged

      Hello Lauren & Stan,
      I don't know the answer to your question, but I am sure it is a question shared by many.  I have asked my mentors in the raw food world your question, and they have been so gracious to extend an invitation to anyone in the Raw Portland group who is interested in attending their free teleconference tomorrow...they said they would be happy to address this question during their event.
      No worries, they are not selling anything - they are simply giving back and sharing from their experiences & knowledge. 
      If you are interested, email an RSVP to RSVP@..., and put "dehydration discussion" or the like in the message.  They will send the instructions for the teleconference...this will be my 3rd teleconference, and I can't say enough good things about them - I wouldn't pass up this FREE opportunity.
      The teleconference is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5:30PM - again, if you are interested, just email the address above.
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      From: Stan [mailto:stan@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 12:34 PM
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      Subject: [RawPortland] Re: temperature enzymes are damaged

      This subject is unfortunately not very clear to anyone who has looked
      into it deeply, there are a lot of unkowns still here, such as how the
      "dehydrator temp" affects the inside temperature of what you are
      dehydrating. What tempertature in the blueberry for instance, in the
      center, and how hot can the dehydrator be for how long before the
      center of the blueberry raises above 105 or what ever temp you have
      decided is too high for that food. Also, different enzymes denature
      and die and different temps, so really what is needed is a vast
      knowledge of many many intricacies in order to be 100% sure that you
      are dehydrating in an optimal fashion. This is far too complicated
      and frustrating for me personally, so I suggest this: Follow your own
      personal intuition, which for me leads me personally to avoiding most
      dehydrated food as a source of pure nutrition. But I am no longer
      worried about being as pure as possible either, so if I really want
      dehydrated crackers, or dried fruit, I don't let myself worry too much
      about how perfect it is. There is a point where I think a person can
      damage themselves with worrying about eating perfectly which outweighs
      the benefits of actually eating perfectly. Each individual has to
      judge for themselves whether their belief in raw foods is getting in
      the way of living instead of promoting it. Raw foods should be the
      key and gateway to a happier and more fulfilling life, not a thing to
      obsess over.

      Ok, I got a little off subject there and I do not mean in anyway to
      discourage you or suggest that you are obsessing in the least. You
      question is a good and natural one, and I wish I knew the answer or
      had a great deal of confidence that anyone else really knows the
      answer either. I think your intuition and your body's reactions
      should be your guide rather than searching for facts in a very
      confusing landscape of raw nutition information.

      Maybe someone knows of a good and credible source of more info on this
      subject that I am not aware of. I hope so.


      --- In RawPortland@ yahoogroups. com, "growingraw" <growingraw@ ...> wrote:
      > Previously, I have read that enzymes are killed between 113 – 118
      > degrees. Whereas, Dr. Mercola wrote the shape of enzymes is
      > distorted above 105 degrees. The distorted shape precludes the
      > enzymes from functioning. This fascinating article discussed healing
      > by the sunlight stored inside raw food. The article was emailed to
      > me as I have a subscription to his excellent free newsletter.
      > http://www.mercola. com/2006/ apr/11/stay_ away_from_ frozen_foods. htm
      > Dr. Mercola does not cite any research backing the 105 degrees. I
      > realize that a lower temperature would initially damage the enzymes
      > and a higher temperature would kill them. Does anyone know any
      > research on this and at what temperatures?
      > Using the correct temperature is vital for setting the adjustable
      > thermostat of a dehydrator. Last week, I purchased a dehydrator and
      > started dehydrating organic blueberries at 105 degrees. I am
      > wondering if I destroyed the blueberries at 105 degrees.
      > I could dehydrate at the lowest setting which is 95 degrees.
      > However, after dehydrating the blueberries at 105 degrees for
      > several days, the blueberries are still not completely dried. Has
      > anyone dehydrated blueberries before? At what temperature and how
      > many days?
      > I should have purchased the stainless steel Excaliber. My brand new
      > Nesco American Harvest dehydrator reeks of plastic fumes. Thus, I
      > used it outdoors. Nonetheless, the fumes drifted inside my home and
      > made me ill. I have multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Does anyone
      > want to offgas my dehydrator by using it outside their home and
      > returning it to me a week later?
      > I have a baby kombucha mushroom for adoption. My # is 503-775-6783.
      > Lauren

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