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RE: [RawPortland] Revised date for wild edible class

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  • Jennifer
    Hi Everyone (including Lauren!), Just a clarification: I didn t request that Lauren reschedule the wild edibles class. I suggested that she provide more notice
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 4, 2006
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      Hi Everyone (including Lauren!),
      Just a clarification: I didn't request that Lauren reschedule the wild edibles class. I suggested that she provide more notice before scheduling one, so I could attend in the future. Lauren and I talked by phone after I sent that email. She said she wanted to reschedule the class so that more people could attend. Thanks, Lauren-I'm looking forward to the class 8/20!




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      Subject: [RawPortland] Revised date for wild edible class

      Jennifer had posted requesting I reschedule the wild edible class. The
      revised date is Sunday, August 20 at noon – 5 pm. Because Tammy Murray
      will be serving a light wild green lunch, she would like to know how
      many attending. She does not have a functional answering machine and
      doesn't do email. Thus, please email me or call me at 503-775-6783 to

      To answer Joy King's post of whether a RSVP is necessary for the
      cancer and diet video, no RSVP is necessary for discussions and
      videos. Only when a meal is prepared or ride sharing is coordinated is
      a RSVP necessary.

      Thank you Bill for offering a ride share from Vancouver to this wild
      edible class.

      Below is the description and directions to the class that was
      previously posted:

      Health benefits, identification and how to grow wild edibles class
      Tammy Murray will teach a class for our raw discussion group on health
      benefits of wild edibles and how to grow them at her wild edible
      garden in Troutdale. Tammy Murray grows over 100 varieties of wild
      edibles. There will be wild edibles to sample and a light raw wild
      edibles luncheon. $20 fee. Organically grown wild edible plants will
      be for sale.

      Directions: Columbia Heights Mobile Home Park, 880 SW Sunset Way @
      Cherry Park Road, Space #84, Troutdale. Left Hwy 257, ignore the first
      Cherry Park on left, right Cherry Park, Right Sunset Way. It is a
      three bus trip to Troutdale with a nine block walk. Drivers, please
      post on our egroup if you are willing to rideshare. If so, we will
      meet at the built in benches outside of People's Food Coop at 11:00 to
      ride share. We will wait 15 minutes and depart at 11:15. If no driver
      volunteers, I will cancel this event. It would not be fair that
      drivers could attend but not people who don't have a car.


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