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Growing our own food, fiber and building/fencing materials

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    Ladies and Gentlemen: In the Northwest of the USA, we live in a beautiful rainforest and with our help, planning and self-restraint we can bring it back to a
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      Ladies and Gentlemen:

      In the Northwest of the USA, we live in a beautiful rainforest and with our help, planning and self-restraint we can bring it back to a lush state over the next 50-1000 years. With your help and support I am starting to feel like I have a piece of rainforest on my city lot. Many of my fruit and timber trees are two stories high now. My vines honeysuckle, kiwi, grape, wisteria are 4-7 feet tall.  The free (for hard labor) bamboo starts are coming out of shock and sending up taller culms.  More and more worms are visible when I pull out weeds and put in leafy green or root crops  Arugula, blueberries, rose of sharron, cherry, apricot, apples, astors, dandelion, chicory, maples, mustard greens, daisies, kale, thimbleberry, iris, Olive, empress of China, parsnips, fennel, comfrey, rosemary, sage, chives, garlic, sorrel, rye, wheat, kamut are well established and new crops such as dill, daikon radish lavender and numerous flowers are thriving for the first time.  Thank you all for your kind and supportive thoughts, words and actions!

      As you know I have been actively looking for a second property to transform in a permaculture way.  After 10 months this third attempt to purchase a second property could be THE ONE?!.  It is closer in (194th St.and 10th Ave) close to I-5 (take the 179th exit this year and in 2007 the 219th St. exit will be an option) in the town of Ridgefield, WA.  Remember my property finds in Goldendale, Kalama, Woodland?  Closer in is generally more expensive to purchase but lower cost to visit and work at. This is $150,000 for only 3.6 acres Other combarable properties have sold for $350-600K so this is very reasonable.  WOW 3.6 acres is 156816 (~264 by 594) this is a nice step up from my current 8494 sq. ft lot (115 by 74).  Even with 5 partners that is 26,136 square feet for each of the six of us.  The land is pasture right now mostly wetlands, and I invite you to come out and see both properties (Meadows Tilth Urban Farm and the proposed - Rain Forest Village).  

      I have talked with my attorney about setting up an LLC for the purchase and each partner will need to get an attorney for help with ironing out operating agreement.

      What is needed is commitment and cash -- commitment to the vision and cash to purchase the property in 28 days.  I will be contributing $30,000 from my Individual Retirement Account and we need 5 more IRA's or individuals to invest.  This money will cover the cost of the property and gives us working capital to implement the initial  planning stage -- cover crop planting, swales and design.

      Please contact me if you have any questions or comments and thank you for your time and attention. Tax id info and website for maps are below.


      William C. Milmoe

      Meadows Tilth Urban Farm
      360 695 4482
      6609 NE 76th Circle
      Vancouver WA 98661
      "The Place to Bee"

      The subject property (Rain Forest Village) tax id number is 181221-000 to see maps and get all the details go to


      Type in the tax id number and click on "go" -- the report will come up.

      The ML zoning is light manufacturing and allows for farming and food processing etc.

      The overlay zoning is Residental and may be lifted in the next year...
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