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  • Virginia Morgan
    Hi Everyone - I had volunteered to make the flyer for the Raw Portland community; however, my duties with the Raw Spirit Retreat (I m on the core team), plus
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2006
      Hi Everyone -

      I had volunteered to make the flyer for the Raw Portland community; however,
      my duties with the Raw Spirit Retreat (I'm on the core team), plus some
      travel time, etc., have taken priority over this effort. I encourage all of
      you who are interested in attending the Raw Spirit Retreat in Molalla, OR
      from August 30-September 2 to visit our website at www.rawpsirit.net. We
      would love to have a good local presence there. We are indeed planning on
      posting some ride share information on the site and are researching it right
      now - We have received a lot of interest in this and of course it's
      something we support.

      The deadline for the first Early Bird discount was yesterday, but there is
      still another Early Bird discount until August 1. The price until August 1
      for all 3 days, including all meals, lodging, and workshops is $355 per
      person. We will have Gabriel Cousens, Victoria Boutenko, Brigitte Mars, and
      many others. This is a great way to support your local raw food community!

      Regarding the Raw Portland flyer, it looks like it would be at least a few
      weeks before I could get to that (later June, early July) due to other
      commitments, and I would be happy to do it at that time. However, if anyone
      else wants to make any flyers and distribute them at any time, of course you
      are all welcome. This is not limited to one person's effort: Anyone could
      make flyers announcing potlucks or other raw events. I have been very happy
      to have found this community over 2 years ago, to attend potlucks and to
      find all the resources available through the Raw Portland website and
      discussion list. I hope we can continue to support each other and all
      contribute what we are able to having a vibrant raw community in Portland.

      In light and health -


      >Message: 2
      > Date: Thu Jun 1, 2006 3:00 pm (PDT)
      > From: "growingraw" rawspirit@...
      >Subject: PR
      >To me, receiving no response to last month's post for a spring cleanse
      >buddy, receiving a response of four raw foodists to my post to form a
      >raw discussion group and receiving a response of five raw foodists to
      >my post for a buddy, indicates that we need to do PR to procure more
      >members. Two months ago, at Mike Synder's potluck, I volunteered to
      >post a flyer promoting this group on the bulletin board of People's
      >Food Coop, Daily Grind and New Seasons. Someone volunteered to create
      >a flyer. I asked that the flyer be posted on this website to enable
      >members to print it, copy it, hand it out and post it on bulletin
      >boards. The following month, I inquired where the flyer was. If the
      >person who volunteered to create a flyer, completed the flyer, could
      >you please post it under "Files" on this website? If the person hasn't
      >completed it, can you please complete it? If you do not wish to do it,
      >can you please post your response and ask for a new volunteer?
      >I would like to attend the rawspirit retreat but do not have a car.
      >Could we please post a ride sharing link on this website? Thanks.
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