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Raw-food/ fasting Internship at Panama

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  • ildikosan
    Hello all! Wow it`s been a while that I been active on this line... As some of you might know I been part of an amazing program for over 2 months now! I am in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2006
      Hello all!

      Wow it`s been a while that I been active on this line... As some of
      you might know I been part of an amazing program for over 2 months
      now! I am in Panama, in the city of Sora, little bit South-west of
      Panama City up in the mountains. I would like to fill you in with
      some information about this place:

      www.tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com , you can go on the web, and
      fill out an internship form, no obligation what so ever after you
      fill it out, and if you have any specific questions send an E-mail
      to Ruth ( she is really helpful, and knowledgable at the center!!!);
      her e-mail address : ruth@... .

      These are my experiences! At the Center it is beautiful, and for the
      most part it is really peacful...I am in love with it...I am
      considering moving here (to Panama!) and slow down my fast spaced

      Well, but I want to share other information about the exciting
      transformation in my life...March 17th, 2006 I left Hillsboro,OR to
      head to a new destiny- adventure that sounded really exciting,
      challenging, and mostly for transforming and a great opportunity
      to learn, to grow, to get closer to nature and be part of the others
      transformations as well. So I came here to be an intern!
      I was welcomed from the heart(I could feel it! :)...)!
      The first part of this program it was all about me! I started out
      with a 21 day water(H2O) fast. It was mostly about maximum rest
      and drinking water (6-8 glass)/day + 2 lectures/week with Loren
      Lockman, who is really knowledgable in supervising water fasts. Not
      much other activity goes on: massage, one movie night ...oh and
      every day he is there to make sure that everything is OK with every
      guest!- and of course I was treated as a guest to the full extent:
      keeping my glass filled with water. I did not need to do anything,
      just enjoy the quiet, relaxed, peaceful environment that is
      surrouned by nature: amazing creatures: birds, bugs, huge
      butterflies, anything that lives in tropics...but because it is up
      in the mountains there is not as much heat(never went above
      90ªF ,and that was only for about two days) as in
      tropics...ocean is 20 minutes away ...Oh and the transformation-
      what is happening here now it is amazing....the rainy season is
      moving in so everything is so green and lush. I am not exaggerating!
      I love it here! So I had 21 days of fasting- it was not hard. I
      wasn`t hungry at all. Sometimes I had some dream of cooked old foods
      that I liked, but that just was how your body actually brings spices
      to surface to let it go...because having yeast problem all over my
      body I was detoxing in fast space= only simptom it was being
      tired...so I
      rested over 90% of the time...I lost about 20- 23 pound during my
      fast... I could say more on these if anybody interested!

      The Tanglewwods Diat is simple, only fruit and tender lify organic
      greens! And keep it as simple as possible not mixing fruits at one
      feeding- everything is reachig into nature what ever other mates do
      After one week of refeading we stared the second pace of the
      program: The Center close is down- so again it is all about the
      interns! One day every week excursion! and my second waluable
      time ,after fasting, it was all the programs that been offered:
      Spanish class 2*/ week; "Nonviolent Communication" from Marshall
      Rosemberg!!! - learning how to comunicate non violently it is a
      powerful study; and learning about "Radical Honesty" by Brad Blenton.
      All these programs are life changing informations!

      I just started my thired pace: guests arrived ... it is good feeling
      to help the others! I tell you more about this when I am more in it!

      I have a friend coming as a guest this Saturday, and some of my
      other friends from Florida whant to enjoy the internship!

      I am really exited to share with all of you this amezing
      information! I wish that I would of know about this information
      sooner, but I am happy by knowing now as well!
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