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"Living Foods" Trademarked by Ann Wigmore Institute?

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  • Annette
    [I am forwarding this important message. Annette] An open letter to the Raw and Living Foods Movement by Brenda Cobb, author, and founder of Living Foods
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2006
      [I am forwarding this important message. Annette]

      An open letter to the Raw and Living Foods Movement
      by Brenda Cobb, author, and founder of Living Foods Institute

      I am writing you to ask for your help in reference to a lawsuit that
      the Ann Wigmore Foundation, Inc. (New Mexico and Puerto Rico) has
      filed against me for using the terms "living foods" and "living foods
      lifestyle" and for teaching information about "living foods" and the
      "living foods lifestyle." They claim that the terms or phrases "living
      foods" and "the living foods lifestyle" are their property with a
      registered trademark and only they have the right to use them.

      My first book is called "The Living Foods Lifestyle." It is my story
      of how I healed breast and cervical cancer using the principles of
      this healthy lifestyle. I was trained by Shu Chen in February 1999,
      then director of the Ann Wigmore Institute in New Mexico, who has
      since resigned. Shu encouraged me to teach what I learned from her and
      told me that it was Ann Wigmore's dream that many people would learn
      about this lifestyle and would go on to teach others. I have been in
      touch with Shu about this lawsuit and she is being very supportive of
      me, and does not agree with this suit. She has not been associated
      with the Ann Wigmore Foundation since December, 1999, and has recently
      opened her own living foods educational center in New Mexico.

      The Ann Wigmore Foundation apparently trademarked the terms "living
      foods" and "living foods lifestyle" in 1992 and was cancelled February
      22, 1999, before being re-registered in 2004. They let the trademark
      expire in 1999 and did not reinstate it until 2004. When I did
      research for my book title this did not come up.

      My attorneys are working on this case now and have told me that since
      there are so many other people using these terms and words and
      teaching about living foods that we are in need of emails or letters
      to support that these words have become commonplace among us. I would
      appreciate it so much if you would send me a letter in support of the
      fact that hundreds of teachers, writers, and leaders in this raw and
      living foods movement use these terms, including yourself, if you do,
      and that you do not agree that the Ann Wigmore people or any one
      person or group should own the rights to these words or any similar
      words or phrases exclusively.

      The more supportive letters received from you the better it will help
      this case. Dr. Gabriel Cousens sent me a letter of support and in it
      he says, "If the Ann Wigmore Institute wins a claim to 'living foods'
      and 'living foods lifestyle' there will be many additional lawsuits to

      I believe that there is always a blessing in every situation and even
      though this lawsuit is extremely stressful for me I believe it will
      have a positive result for the greater good of all. This is, of
      course, a concern to me because what I would like to see is
      unification among those of us who are teaching this way of living and
      eating, and I would like to see this suit resolved peacefully in a
      spirit of love and harmony.

      Please help me now so that we can put a stop to this suit without
      going to court, and hopefully avoid future lawsuits against other
      advocates of the raw and living foods lifestyle. My attorneys say that
      if the Ann Wigmore Foundation were to win this suit, then there will
      be many other suits to follow. I need as many letters and emails from
      the leaders, writers and teachers in this movement as possible. Time
      is of the essence and we must act on this quickly. We must respond by
      May 1 to the suit, so I need your letters by April 25, 2006.

      I know that all of you are very busy, but if you would please take a
      few moments to draft a letter to me by email and then send me a hard
      copy also, I will be most grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Brenda Cobb
      Founder of Living Foods Institute
      560 Elmwood Drive
      Atlanta, GA 30306
      Direct office line: 404-607-1816
      Cell: 404-625-1956

      Thank You For Your Support!

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