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Potluck this week, the Veg Fair, raw cacao, and food buying club

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  • Mike Snyder
    Hello friends, I have some exciting announcements this week. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* There is a potluck this Thursday evening, March 16, 2006
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2006
      Hello friends,
      I have some exciting announcements this week.
      There is a potluck this Thursday evening, March 16, 2006
      Where: Eden Health Ministries with Peter and Geneva Iijima
      20349 S. Leland Rd.
      Oregon City, OR 97045
      If you have questions call 503-518-3632  (You may want to call for directions because MapQuest may not have accurate info)
      Potluck topic and food demo:
      Not getting enough greens?  Arrive on time and learn to make tasty green smoothies.
          Dr. Day talks about truth and answers questions in a touchingly intimate setting.  Many of your questions about the diet, disease, juicing and health will be answered in this video.
      Bring a vegan raw food dish, copies of your recipe, and your own table service.  Be prepared for food that will make your mouth water.
      I will be at the VegFest this Saturday to promote the Raw Spirit Retreat. It will be fun! Here are details:
      What: VegFest: A Compassionate Living Fair 
      When: Saturday March 18, 2006
      Featuring Speakers | Chef Demonstrations | Fr.ee Food Samples | Exhibitors |
      Time: 10 am to 6 pm. Admission is only $5 per person.
      Where:  the First Unitarian Church at SW 12th Ave. & Main St. in downtown Portland.
      In Defense of Animals, VegNews Magazine, Blossoming Lotus - Vegan World Fusion Cuisine, Natural Awakenings Magazine. LaraBar, Satya Magazine, Pioneer Organics, Herbivore Magazine, and ReDirect Guide
      - including Howard Lyman, the “Mad Cowboy” and former cattle rancher turned vegan educator
      - nutritionist and educator George Eisman, compliments of Farm Sanctuary, 
      - Bo Rinaldi, owner of Blossoming Lotus and co-author of Vegan World Fusion Cuisine, VegNews' Cookbook of the Year in 2005. http://www.veganfusion.com
      - Kendra Kimbirauskas will speak on "The Factory Farm Alarm - The Threat of Corporate Animal Agriculture in Oregon."
      Food Samples from numerous companies
      - including Livin' Spoonful, LaraBar, Turtle Island Foods, Toby's, Columbia Gorge Organics, Moosewood, Sun Flour Baking, Amy's Kitchen, Sweetpea Baking Company, Just Tomatoes, Parma! Vegan Parmesan, Eden Foods, Maranatha Nut Butters, and more.
      We have posted details about our upcoming special events on http://www.rawportland.org  ;
      The first event is April 1 with Victoria & Igor Boutenko, and the second event is Friday, May 12th with Matt Monarch (Author of "Raw Spirit"), and Angela Stokes (who created www.rawreform.com  ) ,
      Please RSVP for the events because space is limited and very close to filling up.
      Joy wrote
      > Does anyone know where I can get raw
      > vanilla sticks and raw cacao nibs locally?
      > does anyone know of a local food buying group?
      Hi Joy,
      Raw cacao is available at the Daily Grind and People's Co-Op.
      I have seen Vanilla beans at all the natural food stores including Peoples and New Seasons. I haven't looked recently and they could be out of stock.
      There is a local food buying group organized by Eden Health Ministries and Peter / Geneva Iijima. They order through
      Call them for more info at 503-518-3632
      Mike Snyder
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