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2963Jaime and Anjou

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  • William Milmoe
    May 21, 2013
      for those who are not FaceBook friends of Jaime and Anjoy:

      Our dear friends and neighbors Jaime and Anjou's beautiful home on their date farm in Niland California has been destroyed completely by fire. These two have been organically farming dates in the community for years and are active with the raw food and Rainbow communities as well. They have given so much as friends and neighbors and we now ask for you to help them in ANY way you can. PLEASE send funds in the firm of check or money order to Jaime Jones PO BOX 808 Niland, CA 92257. I was working on getting another option going for people who wish to donate with credit cards... But this way the help goes DIRECTLY and immediately to them. THANK YOU and please share. Your help us so appreciated, sincerely, Sadie Gohl. http://www.datepeople.net/contact-us