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2956Investment Update for Ecovillage - commercial kitchen available...

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  • William Milmoe
    Apr 17, 2013
      For those with issues regarding money.... please forgive me.  It is the current system and it is one way to get access and temporary control of land to plant a food forest and create useful spaces for improving our world.  It seems to be my path and I want to walk the path with others.

      This is my third time working to develop a small ecovillage in the Portland/Clark County WA area.  For me it is a practice.  To raise money for initial capital I have three plans:

      1. arm chair investors with $100 or more - lets call them PrimeI's (pronounced Prime Eyes)
      arm chair investors with $5,000 or more - lets call them PrimeB's (pronounced Prime Bees)
      3. Working 'investors' who will invest their time, energy, creativity and wisdom.
      - lets call them PrimeWii's (pronounced Prime Wees) see my ad on CL


      The Prime Bees are ready to go.  A good opportunity at a wise price is NOW!  The Prime Bees first need to set up an account at firms that can handle their investment.

      Prime Eyes are on hold perhaps for a while.. markets are very challenging to predict... :>)
      The Prime Wees are getting ready to participate in a Organic Rawfood business venture, some of the skills needed are:

      Chef/kitchen skills
      Marketing/contact/promotional skills
      Internet/Social Media skills
      Graphic Design/ web design skills
      Bike or auto delivery skills
      Farming/gardening skills to grow/harvest the ingredients for the products.

      The idea is that we work together to get "free" of the Military/Auto industries/Oil industries by investing/creating a right livelihood doing:

      1. food forest gardens
      2. natural buildings for residences/ work and recreation
      3. community for spreading the knowledge of the above two far and wide.

      My thoughts were to plan for this business for a few years but recently I found a commercial kitchen available for rent and I am going to start renting it at the end of May.  My business model is 'a worker cooperative'...

      Please tell me which areas you are qualified PI, PB or Pwee for and what experience you have in these areas in a brief half to one full page worth of text.

      If you feel a 'calling' to participate together in any of these three areas please contact me.  Serious inquires only please...

      Thank you so very much for reading...

      Bill Milmoe
      Meadows Tilth Urban Farm
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