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2943Raising money for land and natural building/permaculture/forest gardening

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  • William Milmoe
    Mar 3, 2013
    buy low sell high is easier said then done. 

    It is something my father taught me in my formative years.  I bought my first stock at 12, used savings and borrowed money to put my self through college without working during the school year.  I also managed money for friends and family.  I don't recommend it.  People are strange especially about money.

    Still, I feel strongly that toxic "mainstream" lifestyle needs to be directed towards a vegan diet, walking and biking instead of cars and planes, building community and cooperation instead of competition and isolation.  So I am going to help people invest if they are willing to put their after tax profits towards one or more of these goals.   More information coming later...

    Bill Milmoe
    Meadows Tilth Urban Farm