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2916Re: Holistic Dentist (root canal options)?

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  • bijou.bijou@rocketmail.com
    Aug 20, 2012
      Hi, Nora,

      What dentist are you seeing in Mexico? Is he/she a holistic dentist?

      I am assuming that they charge a lot less?



      --- In RawPortland@yahoogroups.com, "Nora Lenz" <nmlenz@...> wrote:
      > Hi Chris,
      > I will share my experience as it may be helpful. I was told by a dentist I trusted a few years ago that I needed a root canal, but I fasted instead and the pain went away. It would come back periodically when I ate nuts, so I gave them up completely for a few years and the tooth pain never came back. The tooth in question had a crown on it, and the crown was cracked. Unfortunately, after the pain went away I got complacent and ended up not doing anything with the tooth. It lasted a few more years and then the crown fell off and it was determined that there wasn’t enough tooth left to support a crown. Interestingly, there was no pain even after the crown fell off. I had to have the tooth pulled, however (in preparation for an implant). If I’d at least had the crown replaced when the crack was first diagnosed, I’d still have the tooth.
      > The reason why dentists seem to favor root canals is they don’t recognize that pain and inflammation don’t always mean the nerve is dying. The severity of the pain is what dentists seem to use as an indication that a root canal is needed. In some or even many cases, it may be best to try and get the pain and inflammation under control with fasting or dietary improvement (minimally), then see a dentist to have repairs done, if needed. There’s really no cost in doing that, except putting up with the pain a bit longer, although dentists will often try to scare people into submitting right away. And the benefit may be that you can avoid the cost and discomfort of a root canal.
      > At the time I was having my problems we had a good discussion on my RawSchool Yahoo group about root canals, so you may want to dig it up on the archives. I have learned since then that doing root canals is what dentists do to save teeth, at least ostensibly, so from this perspective they are not all bad. If a root canal is the only way to prevent the complete loss of a tooth, it may be the best course of action (although not the cheapest!). Determining whether a root canal is really necessary is the tricky part. It was my plan back then to test my theory (that root canals are only used when there is pain & inflammation) by going to my trusted dentist with the same tooth problem (a cracked crown) but no pain, and see what his recommendation was. I didn’t do that but, needless to say, I sure wish I would have. Live and learn!
      > I’ve got lots of really old (35+ years) dental work in my mouth that is needing replacing right now, so I’ve been traveling to Mexico to have it done. If you have any interest in doing that, I’d be happy to share my experiences.
      > Best wishes,
      > Nora
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      > Hi All,
      > I know this question was asked (and answered) recently... but I paid no attention (did not need a dentist at that time!)...
      > Can anyone recommend a dentist skilled in alternative or holistic dentistry?
      > Huge tooth pain since last week, and my dentist is suggesting a root canal might be called for.
      > Any wisdom on root canals (more properly, on alternatives)?
      > Thanks so much!
      > -
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