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2818Another Fun Festival - Rethinking Everything - Chance to help me get a message ou!

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  • William Milmoe
    Jul 3, 2011
      A very amazing rawfood chef friend is going to this September Rethinking Everything festival again this year.  He highly recommends it. 


      He will also be one of the key "behind the scenes" magicians at the August Raw and Living Spirit Retreat this year.


      I have written 3 additional verses to John Lennon's song "Imagine"  These verses express yoga/spiritual ideas I have been studying.  Singing the original and the extended version is a spiritual practice for me.  I have requested permission for the new version from the song's owners and they want an MP3 file in addition to the sheet music I submitted.  In order to get a recording I have asked both Jason Mraz and Shimshai to record the new version.  Could you help me get their attention?

      If you go to Shimshai's music page (link below)


      You can like my request and add a comment if you want to help.

      Thank you so very much.

      Enjoy your summer!