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Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] FBB on the Pie anyone & thanks so far!

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  • Bob Scanferla
    I just took one of the source code distributions and compiled on the RaspberryPi (Raspian) using the included tool chain and it compiled fine....seemed to work
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 1, 2013
      I just took one of the source code distributions and compiled on the RaspberryPi (Raspian) using the included tool chain and it compiled fine....seemed to work too but I did get side tracked shortly after the effort so did not do any exhaustive testing.

      I will check again this weekend.


      From: Ray Wells <vk2tv@...>
      To: Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: vk4tub <kermck@...>
      Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 4:57:59 PM
      Subject: Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] FBB on the Pie anyone & thanks so far!


      You might consider joining the fbb mailing list. Bernard F6BVP is actively maintaining xfbb (and FPAC) and he was going to install xfbb on a Pi around the middle of last year.


      Hello all,

      I succeeded the compilation of a dedicated Raspbian 3.1.9+ kernel with
      packet radio modules (ax25, 6pack, kiss, Rose, NetRom).
      I just followed instructions given in Debian paragraph of
      Compilation took the whole night but it did not hurt as I was sleeping !
      I then installed a ROSE node switch FPAC on my RPi.
      Then I will move my co located F6BVP BBS into it.
      F6BVP node can be reached via FPAC Rose network and it will soon be available through ssh.
      As for now lighttpd is running a web page advertizing RPi at

      73 de Bernard, f6bvp

      fbb maillist  -  fbb@...


      This was back in July before a stock kernel with support was released.

      I guess I'm also a packet junkie but I'll resist the temptation to ever again run a 6 radio port, 1 udp port bbs and I'll stick with a 3 port aprs gateway <grin>.

      Ray vk2tv

      On 28/02/13 23:43, vk4tub wrote:
      Greetinga all on this great list
      First let me say thankyou to all who have taken the time to reply to me as it is appreciated.
      Put quite simply the time these groups save an individual is enormous and without this knowledge base it takes us all a considerably lot longer time frame to figure out where we are going wrong.

      The reason I am commenting,.. is this has happened to me as all of the problems that one would usually incurr and especially me as I am about 15 days into linux/RPI operating system has gone and I have a very stable PIE and have a second one on the way,.. plus 2 TNCX packet modems for the Pies on order. So they will be ready for the main purpose of getting them to this point and that will be to run them as packt BBS's

      I am a packet junkie at heart and have returned to packet radio after a 7 year absense now having a simple winxp/FBBS system running and this time not with 4 radio ports, plus internet forawarding to half the world ...;-)) and all of the bells and whistles but this time with one radio port and a telnet port for forwarding.

      It is still called the wormhole bbs and for those of you that might remember way back to the late 80,s onwards would have possibly have seen a bulletin or two floating around with that name as part of the header.

      So in someways we are now streaks ahead and then again not,... as with packet radio and the bbs running on WXP PRO.

      My question to the group is that somewhere in the archives a guy from the usa has managed to get a version of xffbs to run on the PIE.

      And I would like to know if anyone else has been successful in doing so as now my PIE is ready for the next step?

      regards to all Kerry VK4TUB

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