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Re: new to the group and to rpi- SUCCESS- But...

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  • W8LM
    Aaron- Great advice and it helped. But it was not the fix for me. I all ready had DSP and DSP1 in my /dev directory. I created the /etc/asound.conf file you
    Message 1 of 12 , Jul 18, 2013

      Great advice and it helped. But it was not the fix for me.
      I all ready had DSP and DSP1 in my /dev directory.

      I created the /etc/asound.conf file you speak about but discovered there was a /etc/asound.conf.disabled file in that directory. It was different than yours, it looked like C or C++.

      I enabled it by using this command:
      sudo cp asound.config.disabled asound.conf

      Then I rebooted and plugged in my TIGERTRONIC SignalLink USB and ran GMFSK. GMFSK opened with a configuration message regarding PTT, but I was seeing an active waterfall. I verified the waterfall was coming from my SignalLink by unplugging the USB and it was...So I moved on..
      **UPDATE-Investigation determined the signallink USB is on DSP1!! you have to restart GMFSK every time you change the device settings.**

      GPSK31- This is what I get when I start gpsk31 in the LXterm screen.
      -init_audio: can't open /dev/dsp
      -Hint: you may want to try to load snd_pcm_oss kernal module
      -Cannot initialize audio device: /dev/dsp -1

      So the program does not run any further. I checked for snd_pcm_oss:

      lsmod | grep snd_pcm_oss

      and it is there and linked..
      snd_pcm_oss 35690 0
      snd_mixer_oss 13856 1 snd_pcm_oss
      snd_pcm 77560 3 snd_bcm2835,snd_pcm_oss,snd_usb_audio
      snd 58447 12 snd_bcm2835,snd_pcm_oss,snd_seq_device,snd_mixer_oss

      So even though the only hint I have with gpsk31 says I'm missing the module, I have it.. So Scratch gpsk31 unless someone else knows the fix to that. I have to get back to work...
      **UPDATE -I know the problem is my device is DSP1!!****
      **UPDATE - gpsk31 -h gives help screen.
      -c <file> loads a configuation file..
      I bet the answer is there. I am going to email author luc@... but I found the README in /usr/share/gpsk31 and it askes to email pg4i@... for questions..

      End of UPDATE**

      But I now have FLDIGI that is glitchy and GMFSK which I need to test.

      Look for me at the Kansas Veterans Reunion Special Event Station this weekend W0VFW.. VFW post 3115 Amateur Radio Club- the 1st post sponsored ham radio club in the US. (See QST for details)

      Larry W8LM

      @yahoogroups.com, Aaron Melton <aaron@...> wrote:
      > W8LM,
      > Here are the two changes I made to my system to get gmfsk to work with
      > my USB sound card. I suspect the same changes may work for you:
      > Create a file: /etc/asound.conf containing:
      > defaults.ctl.card 1
      > defaults.pcm.card 1
      > defaults.timer.card 1
      > and this command:
      > modprobe snd_pcm_oss (creates /dev/dsp or /dev/dsp0 link)
      > I *think* you can make it permanent by with this command:
      > echo "modprobe snd_pcm_oss" >> /etc/modules
      > Aaron
      > de KK4LOV
      > On 7/17/13 7:57 AM, W8LM wrote:
      > > I have been having trouble trying to figure out USB sound card to GMPSK
      > > and GPSK31. My sound card happens to be a Tigertronics Signallink USB
      > > and like you works fine with FLDIGI, but FLDIGI uses resources to where
      > > my mouse even is erratic.
      > >
      > > So what is the magic. I've gotten as far as it seems I need to create
      > > /dev/dsp by loading snd_pcm_oss, but find gobly gook on the internet
      > > about it..
      > >
      > > Help would be appreciated...
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