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Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] FBB and the raspberry PI

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  • f6bvp
    Hello Kerry, Did you read the documentation web page ? at http://f6bvp.org/AX25_BBS_Node_RaspBerry_Pi_install.html or may be it is not that clear enough and I
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 1, 2013
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      Hello Kerry,

      Did you read the documentation web page ?
      at http://f6bvp.org/AX25_BBS_Node_RaspBerry_Pi_install.html
      or may be it is not that clear enough and I am sorry about it.

      A local FBBclient can be started with "bbs" command.
      This is actually a script located in /usr/local/bin/bbs
      If it is not working, LinFBB was probably not started correctly.
      Look at the list of runing applications with "ps -ax"

      You can edit /usr/local/bin/bbs file and replace callsign and password.
      However, the callsign should match the one declared in /etc/ax25/fbb.conf and
      callsign and password should be the same as in /etc/ax25/fbb/passwd.sys

      Does "bbs" command works for you ?

      As you stated you can use a command line to change all callsigns occurence at once :
      grep -rl F6GAL *| xargs sed -i 's/F6GAL/F6BVP/g'
      However, you must be Super User in order to make the script work.
      Enter "su" command and "root" as password (if you did not change it already).
      Then move to /etc/ax25 directory (cd  /etc/ax25)
      Then enter the command line above, but with YOUR own callsign instead of F6BVP.
      And do the same with lower cases
      grep -rl f6gal *| xargs sed -i 's/f6gal/f6bvp/g'
      and with YOUR CALLSIGN instead of f6bvp

      Editing manually the callsigns could take you a lot of time !!!!
      Have a look at this file :

      Then, as explained in paragraph "To achieve customization" :
      • Last above command (lower case callsigns) should be executed again after changing directory  cd /usr/local/bin
      • The same command (lower case callsigns) should also be executed again after changing directory  cd /spider/connect
      73 de Bernard, f6bvp

      Le 01/07/2013 05:12, vk4tub a écrit :

      Greetings all

      I am wondering if i can get some help as
      i am now 2 weeks into Berards image for
      FBB and what appears to be other services.

      i have tried to get onto the fbb forum but
      for some unknown reason cannot get it to work
      and i have revived no posts?

      So i am turning back to this forum as i know
      some of you one here have FBB actually working
      on a raspberry PI.

      This is what i have managed to do so far

      Got the keyboard to work in English/us

      I have a fixed IP address

      installed xrdp and am running the PI headless
      and this is all working well can pull up programs
      etc browse the web no problem.

      First Problem

      It appears FBB is running somewhere however i cannot
      find it or figure out how to get some kind of gui so
      i can see what is going on?

      I have loaded LINFBB client from windows but it cannot
      find the FBB demon

      Second problem

      can anyone make any sense of this command line
      as from the documentation is supposed to change the
      callsign of the sysop to your own or club etc.

      grep -rl F6GAL *| xargs sed -i 's/F6GAL/F6BVP/g'

      grep -rl f6gal *| xargs sed -i 's/f6gal/f6bvp/g'

      nothing happens when i do this replacing what in the
      documentation says should replace the callsign of the
      original setup with your own i used vk4wit club call for
      this and placed it in the last part of the string.

      This should be executed in the /etc/ax25 directory and
      again in the /usr/local/bin directory

      neither works?

      my question is what files are actually being changed
      by this command and can someone tel me so i can just go
      and edit them manually?

      I have changed the fbb.confg with the correct call signs
      but this makes no difference.

      i would appreciate any help you can give me on this as
      it would be nice to actually get something to work as it has
      been a long haul to get to this point (9 months)


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