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PI-FBB with Pi-TNC (for VE7ASS)

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  • ve1aic
    Hello Jerome, Sorry for delay, was away on vacation, but now its warm and sunny on PEI. An update to my Pi work. I have the TNC-X running on my javAPRSsrvr Pi
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2013
      Hello Jerome,
      Sorry for delay, was away on vacation, but now its warm and sunny on PEI.

      An update to my Pi work. I have the TNC-X running on my javAPRSsrvr Pi and it was quick and easy. A direct 'kiss' tnc replacement.
      I was using USB-serial converter to MFJ1270 in kiss that worked great for about a month but now I have the TNC-X connect it works 100% in a nice neat package running on +5v.

      I also have the TNC-Pi running on another Pi for my FBB project.
      Getting the TNC-Pi going with AX25 wasn't too hard as its fairly well documented to setup ax25-tools, ax25-apps and ax25-node.
      Mostly just some mods to get access to the internal 'serial' port on the Pi and then kissattach to /dev/ttyAMA0 at 19200b.

      However, getting the FBB part going is taking a bit more work. Not a big deal, but the scripts I had working on my SUSE server don't work on the Pi. Just need to simply and do more testing.

      BTW I do mostly RF fwding on our UHF-VHF packet network. Occasional connects by RADIO from local users and interest seems to be coming back. Our packet network has seen a number of additions and upgrades this year so things looking up.
      I have a telnet fwding with VE3CGG (ex-VE1DRG) but prefer to keep the RADIO ports the primary.

      BTW my Pi-IRLP node (2030) is also doing well thanks to VE7LTD.
      Dave's work has really ignited the Pi-Ham radio passion.

      73, Ron VE1AIC

      --- In Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO@yahoogroups.com, jerome schatten <va7vv@...> wrote:
      > Hi Ron... yes it has been a long time, and likewise -- glad to see you're still active on pacquette!
      > When I first got the pi, I was quite nervous that that I could easily do something stupid and end up with no pi at all, so I bought a little reader/writer for $12 and just made a dupe of OS and filed it away. I then bought the 8G Sandisk and downloaded the latest image, and burned it to the card using linux 'dd'. Slick, no problems.
      > At that point I realized that I didn't know how to mount a USB stick in linux terminal mode, so I figured that out, and then decided to put jnos on the stick and leave the OS on the card with a few utilities. That's the way I've been running ever since.
      > I share your view that rotating machinery in a computer system is a good thing to get rid of if you can, and to me, that was one of the big joys of the pi -- no moving parts, no noise, and the potential for excellent reliability.
      > The system here is headless; no keyboard, mouse or screen. I use linux 'screen' to provide remote keyboard and screen access which is managed remotely by ssh'ing in with my iPad mini and re-attaching a screen.
      > Also, I have ordered a TNCpi, in hopes of retiring my kam-xl for my one radio drop.
      > My radio drop reminds me of a Buddhist prayer wheel, where over and over, into space, time and ether, my packet ID and mail trailer are broadcast. OM MANI PADME HUM being replaced by the callsigns of those who had mail on VE7ASS in 1988, but who are now pushing up the daisies of their final reward.
      > I have no 'live users' at all that I know of, but the 'wheel' keeps turning anyway, and somehow, that pleases me <g>.
      > There are however, my partners that I share UDP and AXIP links with. We forward useless bulletins and messages that no sane persons would care read. Our WP are up to date, and we fret when a link fails to work properly. This is the residue of the 'old days' -- the comradery of the linking partners -- this is all that survives as near as I can tell.
      > So, I invite you (any of you) to make arrangements for to link to ve7ass.ampr.org: ' encap' and to keep that wheel spinning.
      > Best,
      > jerome - VE7ASS
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