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  • Bruce Kreutzer
    One more critical newbie suggestion: unix/linux is case sensitive. (Windows likes to capitalize things in email) Sudo is not the same as sudo . It should
    Message 1 of 86 , Apr 2, 2013
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      One more critical newbie suggestion:  unix/linux is case sensitive.
      (Windows likes to capitalize things in email)
      "Sudo" is not the same as "sudo".   It should be all lower case.
      Also, be careful using windows to copy and paste quoted text.  Windows likes to make the double quote marks special fancy characters which don't work.

      For us command line folks, turn on ssh on the pi and use putty to ssh from your "regular" windows machine.  While the pi is wonderful for many things, a more powerful computer is helpful for google, etc.
      You can use putty to access the pi in a terminal window and copy and paste from web pages, email, etc.
      A helpful suggestion is to create a text document to keep track of changes, suggestions, hints, etc. on your desktop machine and copy/paste them to the pi.  This also has the side effect of fixing the quote problem above.

      (in some countries, check your encryption restrictions before using).


      On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 10:20 AM, ivan_5b8bi <g1lpw@...> wrote:

      Try using synaptic. From a root terminal, type the following 2 commands, then use synaptic from the GUI

      Sudo apt-get update
      Sudo apt-get install synaptic

      Hope this helps


      --- In Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO@yahoogroups.com, "k4lcd@..." <juangranados@...> wrote:
      > Good morning friends!
      > I have NOT been able to install and run any other programs than those in the original install, in spite of my many attempts to understand the apt-get command.
      > I would welcome telephone help from anyone knowledgeable, who could walk me over the installation of the audio, video, sound features, a better browser, installing my HP printer and making the rasp pi part of my network.
      > I am on MagicJack so my US long distance calls are free and to most overseas landline numbers very inexpensive. Please send me a private Email and I would call you at your convenience.
      > Kindest regards and 73
      > Juan /K4LCD
      > --- In Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO@yahoogroups.com, "k4lcd@" <juangranados@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi guys!
      > >
      > > The Pi arrived last evening and I had it running in ten minutes.
      > > OS on $15.00 32GB SDcard from Tiger Direct, HDMI to 32" TV, dongle to 4 USBs and dongle for wireless keyboard and mouse *same I use for Win 7 64 bits machine). Ethernet cable to Netgear Gigabit Switch.
      > > Downloaded Linux Comamnd Line, thank you guys for the advise.
      > > No audio or video, yet. need advise..
      > >
      > > Little Raspberry Pi is COOL!!!
      > >
      > > 73
      > >
      > > Juan /K4LCD
      > > Miami, FL
      > >

    • K4LCD
      Good morning Paul and Greetings from Florida! I tried the suggestions in those Google Links and read all the debate, which I suggest you also do. It does
      Message 86 of 86 , Apr 22, 2013
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        Good morning Paul and Greetings from Florida!

        I tried the suggestions in those  "Google Links" and read all the debate, which I suggest you also do. It does NOT work... All those millions of hits means mean that there are NEWBIES like me, from SW Miami trying to get to watch youtube videos on the Pi. Google has NOT been the Linux MENTOR that I have been looking for.
        Are you watching and listening youtube videos on your pi? If you are, why don't you share with us how you are doing it?

        Regards and 73

        Juan /K4LCD

        On 04/22/2013 12:00 AM, pmooney22 wrote:

        I took up the 'google it' challenge.

        For 'sound on the Raspberry Pi' I got nearly 7 million hits, including (for example):

        For 'playing youtube videos on raspberry pi' I got over 9 million hits, including:
        (install whitey & youtube-dl, then run youtube-dl)

        For 'software defined radio raspberry pi' I get over 100,000 pages, many using the RPi for wspr.

        Hope this helps


        --- In Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO@yahoogroups.com, "JUAN A. GRANADOS" <juangranados@...> wrote:
        > Thank you Jeff!
        > I am am an Extra FCC Radio Amateur and also and also the holder and
        > operator of an Experimental FCC License to operate in MF and LF.
        > I made the original posting. I Am the NEWBIE FROM SW MIAMI after
        > purchasing the Pi for two reasons:
        > 1. to try to learn the Linux OS. I tried to install Debian on Virtual
        > Box on my Windows 7 machine, and I am stuck in the install page... in
        > the process I messed up (erased) a 250GB external HDD while trying to do
        > the install.
        > 2. with curiosity about possible applications of the Pi in my
        > experiments in the MF and LF bands and in SDR Software defined Radio.
        > I also tried to make the Pi do as many things as possible with what I do
        > with the Windows 7 OS machine, Internet, word processing, etc. I NEVER
        > was able to get sound out of it, nor watch a youtube film, although
        > connected via HDMI to my monitor. Succeeded in connecting to network via
        > wifi usb dongle and using keyboard/mouse via usb wifi dongle.
        > Everyone here tells you about ..."google it"... but where are the real
        > teachers?
        > So the Pi, is just another curious gadget which , maybe someday will
        > have use.
        > Thanks all!
        > 73
        > Juan /K4LCD - WF2XXQ

        Ofelia y Juan Antonio Granados
        9451 SW 97 Street
        Miami, FL 33176
        Ph. 305 270 8779; Fax. 305 595 1883;
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