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784Re: FBB on the Pie anyone & thanks so far!

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  • vk4tub
    Mar 1, 2013
      Greetings Stef

      great to hear from another old packeteer! Put quite simply Stef i do it first and formost because I love playing with service type systems and ham radios that do data.
      I also run a web server as well and it does not matter to me if nobody visits that often,... but because packet is far from dead these days. But has taken on a differnet form it is very much alive and well and you will find most of the guys now playing with packet very dedicated individuals.
      APRS has taken the world by storm and the demand for small low powered packet units ...well i dont have to tell how many Tiny traks and other units are floating around now.

      As for the bbs i had 40 users up here in Townsville in 2003 and a lot came in off the web. I setup true internet forwarding here in 2001 (not as we used to do it by forwarding to file and then emailing the bulletin file to whom ever wished to recieve it to the send to their bbs.) This made a huge difference and the only thing I insisted upon was that I was a G* forwarder so if you want to forward with me that was my ony requirement.

      Now days i am sitting on 5k bulletins I have 4 users and one radio port not 4 radio ports as in the past.

      We took advantage of the APRS system up here and adjusted the beacon text to connect with the aprs server system running here and now the bbs is visible to the APRS world.
      I am current forwarding down the eastern seaboard of Australia and connect with 4 BBS,s in Oz and one in ZL.

      I am forwarding to France, Canada, the USA,and average around 50 bulletins per day and forward personal mail usually around 20 messages per week.

      My contemporaries tell me that like the usa packet is growing because of its simplicity and reliablility and this has been very evident here with our floods bush fires and cyclones and we now see many holes in our safety communications. In the USA i understand that the Home security service is encouraging hams to use packet for times of need as their mobile phone system like ours doesnt cop with things like major weather events etc. hence if you look at youtube there is much renewed interest in packet and you know Stef the best thing for me is i am now (sad as it sounds) back into my old habit of enjoying reading the bulletins over a coffee every morning before heading of for work. Bit like reading the morning paper but for me much more interesting!!
      Kind regards Kerry VK4TUB (Tubby, Wormholebbs caretaker ;-))

      --- In Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO@yahoogroups.com, Stef Daniels VK5HSX <vk5hsx@...> wrote:
      > Hi Kerry,
      > I am wanting to commend you for starting up something that has been
      > continually declining, since the majority of hams lost interest in
      > Packet !! With the implementation of internet functions like email /
      > networking. It became somewhat pointless using slower RF links with
      > restricted bandwidth limits due to slower baud rate, resulting in more
      > and more TCP/IP Packet Mail Systems. We wanted faster baud rates over
      > RF, however, the equipment and costs required for the networks was a
      > problem, also more and more traffic ended up through the internet. I
      > remember turning our local Packet BBS in Adelaide, after its user base
      > collapsed. At one stage in 2000 South Australia had an awesome Adelaide
      > Local Area Network, connected by 4800 baud Rose X.25 backbone, with
      > internet gateways, satellite links, etc. SAPUG, South Australian Packet
      > Users Group wound up due to the lack of interest.. Just took me back
      > Anyway, great that you are using a current piece of Technology to revive
      > some Packet Mail functionality to the forefront.
      > Can you keep me/us updated on the progress?? Take care.
      > *Stef Daniels - VK5HSX*
      > *Amateur Radio Station | Adelaide, Sth Australia
      > P +61 8 83874312 | F +61 8 83874312 | M +61 417 821 747 | E
      > vk5hsx@... <mailto:vk5hsx@...>*
      > **
      > On 28/02/13 23:13, vk4tub wrote:
      > >
      > > Greetinga all on this great list
      > > First let me say thankyou to all who have taken the time to reply to
      > > me as it is appreciated.
      > > Put quite simply the time these groups save an individual is enormous
      > > and without this knowledge base it takes us all a considerably lot
      > > longer time frame to figure out where we are going wrong.
      > >
      > > The reason I am commenting,.. is this has happened to me as all of the
      > > problems that one would usually incurr and especially me as I am about
      > > 15 days into linux/RPI operating system has gone and I have a very
      > > stable PIE and have a second one on the way,.. plus 2 TNCX packet
      > > modems for the Pies on order. So they will be ready for the main
      > > purpose of getting them to this point and that will be to run them as
      > > packt BBS's
      > >
      > > I am a packet junkie at heart and have returned to packet radio after
      > > a 7 year absense now having a simple winxp/FBBS system running and
      > > this time not with 4 radio ports, plus internet forawarding to half
      > > the world ...;-)) and all of the bells and whistles but this time with
      > > one radio port and a telnet port for forwarding.
      > >
      > > It is still called the wormhole bbs and for those of you that might
      > > remember way back to the late 80,s onwards would have possibly have
      > > seen a bulletin or two floating around with that name as part of the
      > > header.
      > >
      > > So in someways we are now streaks ahead and then again not,... as with
      > > packet radio and the bbs running on WXP PRO.
      > >
      > > My question to the group is that somewhere in the archives a guy from
      > > the usa has managed to get a version of xffbs to run on the PIE.
      > >
      > > And I would like to know if anyone else has been successful in doing
      > > so as now my PIE is ready for the next step?
      > >
      > > regards to all Kerry VK4TUB
      > >
      > >
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