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577Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Re: Poll results for Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO

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  • Michael O'Bannon
    Jan 28, 2013
      Many of us are interested more in getting ham applications running on
      a small linux board than specifically in the RaspberryPi. A single
      list would allow us to pool experience and knowledge. Possibly what
      we find with one board will apply to another. That's a lot more
      efficient that trying to keep up with several separate lists. Also,
      it would allow the experts to generate app's that work for several
      boards instead of being confined to a single product.

      The RaspberryPi appears to have limitations that aren't getting fixed
      and may never be fixed, so working with other boards makes sense.
      Also, some other lists are specific to some aspect of ham radio. For
      example, I, for one, have no interest in D-Star but would very much
      like to see one of the open-source codecs running on a small linux board.

      So it makes sense to me to open up this list to other linux-based
      microprocessor boards.

      Michael KD4SGN

      > On 1/28/2013 11:37 AM, andelscott wrote:
      >> Is this really representative - the poll has been open for less than 2
      >> hours!
      > Agreed. I was still pondering the pros and cons. I generally like
      > having groups with broad focus, but when I'm trying to solve a problem,
      > it's nice not to have to wade through gobs of irrelevant material to get
      > to what I'm really interested in. I do have a Delete key and never
      > assume the role of "list police", it's just a matter of what the
      > purpose of the group is.
      > It seems to me that diluting this group to include other (much less
      > popular) linux boards will decrease the focus on the R-Pi and lead to
      > confusion when posts are not specific to one board or another - but
      > based on the two hour poll, I'm clearly outnumbered!
      > 73, Bob W9RAN
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