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573Re: Poll results for Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO

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  • gw4kjw
    Jan 28, 2013
      > It seems to me that diluting this group to include other (much less
      > popular) linux boards will decrease the focus on the R-Pi and lead to
      > confusion when posts are not specific to one board or another - but
      > based on the two hour poll, I'm clearly outnumbered!
      > 73, Bob W9RAN

      I don't thinbk you're outnumbered at all, Bob. Calling something that was only available to vote on, for a couple of hours a poll. Is laughable.
      As is the idea of calling something a Raspberry Pi group and then cluttering it up with some random assortment with other boards.

      If it goes ahead. I'm 100% certain that somebody will start another group, just for the RasPi

      Gareth - GW4KJW
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