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3267Xastir no offline maps

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  • actonrf
    Jun 16, 2014
      After a bit a of a struggle  I got APRS working using a USB sound card direwolf, soundmoden and xastir. I have a few questions?
      1. how do I find, download and install  maps for xastir for offline use.

      2. how to I get ax25  soundmodem, configured in MKiss mode to work remotely as a server so I can use it  like  dirworlf as an agw server for windows PC apps like UISS or APRIS32?

      3. what ax25 programing resources out there? Eventually I want to use the Pi as a High altitude balloon flight computer and tracker. I just want get used programming the Pi (python and C++) by  a program to listen for aprs packets  then put the data in a spread sheet. comma-separated values. I wan tdrive around with the pi for grins to survey what it can pick up.

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