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3008Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Setting up WiFi

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  • Ray Wells
    Mar 28, 2014
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      What I didn't say in my previous was that even though I got wifi working, it wasn't reliable and the connection would crash often - from a couple of hours to a max of ten days - and not restore without a reboot. It was useless for a 24/7 server. My solution was to use a DLink DAP1155 wireless bridge to provide two ethernet ports at the remote end and that works flawlessly.

      In fairness to the Pi, which I abandoned for some months because of the reliability issue, I later found that the supply voltage to the Pi was reasonably critical and anything less than about 5.1V caused unreliable USB. I ended up running the Pi from a 5.15V 3A linear supply and shorted out ALL polyfuses to ensure the highest voltage possible at the USB ports. My ADSB server now has an uptime of 78 days and the aprs gateway shows 74 days.

      Ray vk2tv

      On 29/03/14 01:47, westlakegeek@... wrote:

      Just a FYI, when I read your letter, I used SSH to connect to my Pi in the other room.  I first checked for ‘network-manager’ and it wasn’t installed.  I then installed wicd.  Once it was installed, I installed the ncurses, GTK, and another interface for wicd.  I ran wicd-ncurses and it gave me a list of my wireless routers and my wired eithernet.  I attempted to connect to my main router (which now that I think of it, normally the pi has issues with…) and instantly I was disconnected from my connection to the Pi (somewhat to be expected, but figured I’d get to enter the password before it disconnected…) So I didn’t get to try any more, will go into the room with the Pi later, when the wife wakes up and connect it to wifi.  Honestly, normally I’d prefer a wired connection because it’s faster.  But, in this case, I’ve gotta stretch a 100’ eithernet cable all over the place to get wired access, so I’d just prefer go wireless.  Not to mention, with it wireless, if I decide to move the Pi, I can and not be worried about an internet connection.  I really appreciate it.  I’m not sure why I didn’t think to install Wicd, because it’s what I use on all other Linux variants to connect to the wifi, and I think it’s what I used on Pidora, etc.  Just assumed the distribution would have whatever it needed to connect to a wifi….

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