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3003Re: Don't blame the Rig for faulty operation

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  • westlakegeek
    Mar 28, 2014
      I used the search command, and tried various command lines.  I know at a time I liked Yum on my server that does my web page hosting.  But, I’m guessing that Free Pascal is not available for Pidora.  I tried searching for fp, fp-ide, freepascal…  Worse than that, every time I search or install an application  it’d go through and show me 4 items, pause really long, then proceed to tell me it couldn’t find the packages I wanted to install…  It’s like it was stuck trying to install 4 packages over and over again or that it wanted to re-configure them or something.  Just took forever for me to do anything.  apt-get runs so much faster, and I’ve gotten used to using it, that I prefer it.  apt-cache allows me to search for what I want, but every so often I just go to debian’s website with the package list and look for stuff to download… (dangerous, you find so much stuff you want to try out, then you end up filling up the largest memory card!)  There’s a reason folks recommend Raspbian… I’ve learned to appreciate it… I’ve tried pidora, something else that uses pacman, raspian, and sorta briefly looked at a couple of others, but in the end, I find I can do the most with raspbian.  I’ve got a friend wanting to convert all his laptops to Linux.  He’s determined to run every flavor of Linux he can find on them.  I try to tell him, you go playing around with various formats and I can’t tell you what’s in their repository, and am not familiar with their package manager…  I told him I’ve used yum, and have tried pacman, and ages ago, I used rpm.   I loved Mandrake and Red Hat!  They was nice.  I’ve used puppy Linux on an older computer, and from a programmer's point of view, .pet and that other format is the absolute easiest to make!  May not be flexible, but it’s super easy to make!  I used to get puppy installed like I liked it, then I’d make me a .pet file of my /bin /usr/bin /etc /var  directories to the point that I copied this one massive .pet file to a DVD, when I needed to re-install, or if I tried another version of Linux and came back to puppy, I just stick in that DVD, install the .pet file I created, and bam!  It’s now pre-configured with all my software again.  Next easiest would be slackware.  Just create a .tgz file and inside a certain directory put a install script… 
      Can’t make a .deb file near as easy as that! 

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