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2991Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Is there software for making the Raspberry Pi into a Voice over IP terminal?

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  • kenwaldek
    Mar 27, 2014
      signal link is an audio sound card with a circuit in it for the tranciever for the push to pull circuit i suppose, yes it has to do with buffer under runs, from what i read it has something to do with usb conflicts and internal chip related. nothing we can do about it. 
      a powered usb hub is the way to go the usb ports on the pi aren’t designed do draw mush current at all. wifi could be that you don’t have the wright drivers yet. de arm kernel is a bit behind on hardware support (drivers like in windows) i think like ubuntu or the debian is running kernel 3.8 on a normal pc not shure. so the latest wifi dongles do not get support yet. 
      for your harddrive you have to mount it or install usbmount in terminal  sudo apt-get install usbmount 
      but read about it before installing mounting an usb drive isn’t that hard 

      Vanbillemont kenny

      # Gsm 0474 47 41 14 (prive)
      # Gsm 0472 18 53 17 (work)
      # FB: kenny arm schaap
      # Taboralaan 204 - 8400 oostende - Belgium
      # callsign on3kvv

      Op 27-mrt.-2014, om 15:41 heeft John Guillory <westlakegeek@...> het volgende geschreven:

      Now you tell me ;-). 
      I have a raspberry Pi and tried to get my signalink working, an external hard drive, and wifi.  All 3 I've been told most likely need a powered USB hub to work.  I got a powered USB hub, and tried them all on it.  The wifi worked great on another operating system, signalink still has the same problem of cutting out, and the hard drive still isn't recognized.   So the hub basically didn't help a bit. But since getting the hub, the wireless keyboard started acting up. Turned out after I rebooted the Pi it worked great.  It was too bogged down to read it worth a flip.

      John Guillory
      Cell: 601-754-9233
      Pinger: 337-240-7890
      Google Voice: 601-265-1307

      On Mar 27, 2014, at 6:09 AM, kenwaldek <kenwaldek@...> wrote:


      if you mean something like an asterix server to use with voip just look around for asterix it’s wel documented in google 

      so that’s no problem, the issue that the raspberry pi struggles with is the usb1.0 and audio dropouts. something internal in the bcm and audio encoding / decoding i think.
      we in our club have used the raspberry pi for several projects with audio echo link server, aprs decoder, for the moment busy with  pocsag paging system.
      but if you google raspberry pi audio problems you find that somebody already found an answer on the audio problem on the pi.

      in our club www.on4os.be (belgium) we just learn people to work with digital platforms pi, arduino and so on…. so it’s more like showing what a pi is capable of doing.
      it’s not 100% stable always.

      just some info from my side. but running an voip ip server is the pi able with sip phones 

      Vanbillemont kenny

      # Gsm 0474 47 41 14 (prive)
      # Gsm 0472 18 53 17 (work)
      # FB: kenny arm schaap
      # Taboralaan 204 - 8400 oostende - Belgium
      # callsign on3kvv

      Op 27-mrt.-2014, om 02:52 heeft David R. Hassall <dhassall@...> het volgende geschreven:

      Dear Members,

      We are building a BROADBAND HAMNET here in Las Cruces. One of the things 
      we were thinking about is building up a Voice over IP system for point to 
      point contact among the Mesh stations and maybe a link to the input of our
      2M and 448.200 MHz repeaters. If a Raspberry PI could do that job with just
      loading some Software and adding an inexpensive soundcard, It could be the 
      way to accomplish a multiple station system that we could learn and build.

      So, That is the reason for asking is there any software that would allow
      a Raspberry PI to be a Voice over IP terminal? 

      73 Dave
      David R. Hassall WA5DJJ
      WEBSITE: http://www.zianet.com/dhassall/

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