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2754RE: Preparing to purchase Raspberry Pi

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  • lt_wright_flg
    Feb 6, 2014

      I purchased most of my Pi gear from MCM.  They have good pricing.

      One issue is the 5V power to the pi and MCM sells a Wal-wart with the proper small connector for the pi.  Also they sell a smaller PC type USB keyboard for $10 that does not have the extra number pad to the right so it is more compact.  Of course a regular PC USB keyboard will work.

      You will also need an external USB powered hub for the keyboard and mouse.  The pi USB port is limited in current.

      The only other issue with the pi is its video output is A/V so need somthing like a TV for the display.

      I also got from MCM the memory card with OS for pi on it, but one can download and save some money.  There are some good getting started books for the pi so lit is all over.  Amazon.com has many.

      73, ron, n9ee/r
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