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2717Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Preparing to purchase Raspberry Pi

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  • Stephen Farthing
    Feb 5, 2014

      For what it is worth downloading NOOBS_1_3_4.zip makes life much simpler and less risky for the beginner. Unzip it directly to the SD card. This is a lot safer than the older method of creating a bootable SD card. Insert the SD card into the Pi then choose the distribution you wish to install. Usually this will be Rasberian.

      In my case i used a Celurian wireless keyboard and mouse, an El Cheapo, brand available in the UK. This was detected from the start. So while the advice to use a USB keyboard and mouse will always work you may not have to. 

      I would advise you to power your Pi from a powered USB hub with at least 1 amp available. Underpowering the Pi can cause reliability problems. 

      Get a few SD cards, install Rasberian Linux on all of them and go through the setup routine. Keep one of them aside as a known working copy. Use the rest for learning with. If you screw one up you can always delete linux and start again. Having a known working copy to boot from means you can check that the Pi hardware works. 

      If you are going to control hardware via the GPIO interface buy a breakout board. There are a number of different ones available. Choose the one thats right for you. 

      The nicest beginners book I have found is the Haynes manual. 

      The Pi is a very nice and interesting platform for many things. I am learning Hungarian and will have one SD card to make my Pi into a Hungarian Pi, I already have a keyboard! 

      73 from England, 

      Steve G0XAR

      On Wednesday, 5 February 2014, <zsolt_tari@...> wrote:

      Hi Robert,

      if you`re absolutely new to linux, I`d recommend to buy a mouse with cable USB connector not a wireless. Simply becuase depending on the linux distribution you will install on the SD card you may have problems with wireless mouse chipset recognition and need to troubleshoot around libusb.

      By the way usually the keyboard/mouse/HDMI cable is only needed at the initial configuration, then you will enable SSH and can do everything from your desktop computer.

      I even created a copy of the image after the initial configuration, so in case I have a system crash, I just rewrite the configured image, this way I do not need any keyboard/mouse/HDMI cable as the SSH access enabled already.

      Club of SignalRaiders.com

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