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2699Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Why Pi?

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  • am_fm_radio
    Feb 4, 2014

      If you can do it with a 555 chip, a PI is a bit overkill.

      I think everyone on this site and most any other related PI site is that the primary intention-
       (of having or using a PI)  is to teach-learn experiment- develop -
       kind of go where no man has gone before.

      Now having said that to spend a weekend perfecting your project then never to see or touch the PI again seems counter productive...

      Take a look at an ARDUINO--- I own  3 PI's (1A 2B) and a few Arduino's... I have an UNO... but I also have a couple of $5 versions of the chip that with just 5 parts total can transition my development project into the "daily task handler" that gets locked down doing the one task till it gets tossed or salvaged for something else.

      Once an Arduino is programmed it executes it's "sketch" (program) upon power up forever and ever...About the only other thing you can do is put it into programming mode. That allows you to view,  and change the program. You have to have another computer to communicate with the Arduino..

      I seemingly have a need for the same type of project, except I have a FLEX 1500 and use it 99% as a receiver. I'd like to make a controller so that I can Siamese it or not (for QRP operation) with one of my 100 watt transceivers.  But use the FLEX 1500 for receiving and the XYZ 100 watt transceiver just for transmitting.

      I will check into QRPME and perhaps we can collaborate.
      Larry W8LM
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