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2681Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Why Pi?

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  • max wheatley
    Feb 3, 2014
      For the screen and keyboard .....

      Plenty of small keyboard / track pads that will do the odd bit of data entry.

      My current goal with Pi I T Car is YAAC and using a Tablet for the screen......


      On 3/02/2014 22:46, Brian Jones wrote:
      I'm doing a talk to my local radio club in a few weeks on the Raspberry Pi and trying to decide how to orient it.

      IMHO the RPI is a great machine for:
      Having another cheap computer in the shack
      Learning - particularly Linux and programming but also playing with networking, wifi etc - because if you screw things up then simply reflashing the SD fixes things 
      Low-power computing such as running 24*7 for a webcam, webserver etc - WSPTR falls into this category (why is there no decent Linux software for monitoring the NCDXF beacons and logging signal strength? - a brilliant RPI app)
      Playing with interfacing via the GPIO and building projects traditionally built on an Arduino/PIC. The Pi is faster, got good gfx,easy/USB internet access, SD card for data logging etc. so can do much more

      I will talk about the TNC-PI but this is something I know little about - what cool things could I use it for other than APRS? Also I'll mention a cheap D-STAR gateway using a DC-Dongle - indeed our local MB6EL gateway is RPI based?

      What I'm struggling with is, why FLDIGI, Gpredict etc? A lot of folks here are using the RPI for this sort of application which I just simply use my desktop machine for. Since the RPI needs screen, keyboard and mouse for this sort of application what is the advantage over running on bigger hardware? I guess I can see the - "my other machine is Windows and I want to explore the Linux software" argument but wonder if I'm missing something and there are real advantages in using the RPI rather than the desktop/laptop machine.

      One thought I had was using the RPI without screen or keyboard when mobile - perhaps a 16*2 LCD matrix or simply using Festival or Espeak to speak output and some simple voice recognition input. Perhaps this might be useful for a simple logging program - the RPI connects to the rig so all it needs to voice recognise is the phonetics of the station worked and the RST numbers. Anyone else got any whacky ideas?

      Any thoughts would be appreciated.

      Brian G0UKB

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      Delivered using the Free Personal Edition of Mailtraq (www.mailtraq.com)

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