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2680Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Why Pi?

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  • g0ukb
    Feb 3, 2014
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      Thanks John, not come across theHackberry Pi before. My talk is probably just going to focus on the Raspberry Pi itself rather than variants, although it will be worth mentioning that newer, faster and more functioned boards are starting to become available.

      I forget to mention media streaming as one of the use cases. I have 3 raspberry Pis  - one is permanently assigned to running XBMC via Openelec and streaming music and video to my AV-amp and TV, one is currently assigned to running a webserver hosting my daughter's website and will be running my birdbox webcam should it get nestlings this year, the third is my play around with RPi for exploring in the shack - currently looking into voice recognition and how hard it would be to hack some code together to provide an NCDXF propagation monitor which I think would be great app for an always on, data logging computer like the RPi.

      Just this morning ordered a camera as another use it to put one of the RPI's to provide media streaming, wireless reversing camera, gps logging and a few other ideas.

      I'm struggling  to think of really good in-shack/portable use cases where it makes more sense to use a RPi rather than desktop/laptop which is why I raised the question.

      Brian G0UKB

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