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2543RE: View a headless RPi running DVAP + ircDDB + VNC

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  • ve3nvk
    Jan 22, 2014

      Easiest if you are on an internal network and do not need a graphical interface is to use SSH.

      Most recent Raspberry Pi distributions have SSH enabled by default. Rerun raspi-config if necessary to turn it on ( it is under advanced options) you may need to run it with sudo.) 

      If your computer is a Mac or running Linux just ssh from the command line e.g. User_name_on the_raspberry@raspbbery_pi_ip_address 

      If you are using Windows you will have to use Putty or Kitty to connect with ssh to the Pi (the latter is an improved version of Putty, stays alive on a reboot of the Pi waiting for a reconnect which I find useful). Find either with Google.

      If you want to see a graphical session you can either use VNC or export an xsession, (To windows you would need Xming running). With an exported xsession you should just be able to start a graphical programme )with xming running) by invoking the programme from a command line. Alternatively You will need to set up VNC on the Pi and have a VNC viewer on your remote computer, E.g. TightVNC or RealVNC. There are various configurations files that have to be set for this. You will need to read the man pages or google it.

      73 - andy VE3NVK

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