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2019APRS and the Pi

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  • Kristoff Bonne
    Jul 19 1:07 PM
      Hi Ray, Marco, Erik,

      Actually, I have been experimenting with this yesterday-evening (but it was already past midnight, to late to still post a follow up on this message).

      It actually turns out there trick to do this using one of the basic tools of the ax25-tools package: beacon.

      As the name implies, it's a tool to broadcast AX.25 "beacon" messages, but it turns out that these are nothing else then just regular "UI" AX.25 packets; which is exactly the same as used by APRS.

      This is the CLI command to do this:
      beacon -c ON1ARF -d 'APZ001 via WIDE1-1' -l -s aprs ";ON4OS    *182215z5117.04N/00253.53E-UBA-OST vrijdag 20-24u, zondag 10-12u"

      -c = source call, -d = destination call
      -l = only transmit one single "beacon" message
      -s = ax.25 port (as found in /etc/ax25/axports)

      This works together with the soundmodem and kissattach. The hardware is a simple audio-dongle, 2 caps to provide some kind of seperation and a FM trx in VOX mode.

      I'm currently testing this on my pandaboard but I see no reason that it should not run in a pi too.

      kristoff - ON1ARF

      On 18-07-13 22:58, Kristoff Bonne wrote:


      On 15-07-13 23:55, kb9mwr wrote:

      A software approach to DTMF decoding could be done with a the multimon-ng software package.

      Actually, I have been looking for a quick and easy way to generate APRS message. I use APRS via the internet to "broadcast" some information about events in out local radio-club (ON4OS).

      However, it would be nice (and more "ham" like) to actually broadcast this via a radio. As I am pretty close to the local APRS digipeater, I guess all that is needed is a device that generates a AFSK stream, one of these cheap chinese HTs and a a little bit of interfacing.

      I know that using a pi for this is probably really "overkill" and that this can probably also be done using an arduino (a nice exercise in DDS :-)) but a unix device would be a nice "quick hack" to get something in the air.

      I know there are programs like xastir, aprsd and othters, but I am looking for something to just generate a APRS packet and pipe it out to the audio-port.

      kristoff - ON1ARF

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