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2002Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Re: Where to start

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  • Stephen Farthing
    Jul 16, 2013
      Hi -

      There is quite a big MSP430 Launchpad community and a lot of on line information. The other two Launchpads (- and Piccolo) are based on ARM processors. I have agreed to do a small set of project based tutorials for the QRP_Computing list using Energia (which is essentially the Arduino programming language) for the 430. However you can do no better than start by looking here :-

      for an introduction using C and some links. 

      Also, if you are not frightened by C read here :-

      There are various C compiler choices, GCC is available, and there a a couple of commercial compilers with IDEs and free "cut down" versions. IAR Embedded workbench is one …-

      The community is a little fragmented but the focus of activity is here 

      Where, in the back posts, you will find a few Ham projects such as a DDS controller and a WSPR beacon. 

      If you need anything more please contact me off list. I really don't want to clog this list up with non-pi traffic! (And I also want to spend an hour playing with my Beaglebone Black which came last week. Will the Beagle eat the Pi? )

      One last point of interest to Pi users. The MSP430 family were designed for mixed signal processing. 
      and the ones with the Launchpad contain 10 bit ADCs which can be communicated with over I2C. I just paid about 12 euros for 12 of the '2553 chips which come with the launchpad. So at little cost you can add some ADCs to your Pi :-)

      Bye for now,

      Steve G0XAR

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