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1873Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Re: pi update

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  • Kerry McKenzie
    Jun 22, 2013
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      bernard_f6bvp wrote:

      Hi Kerry,

      While f6bvp.org may be off line, just shift to http://f6bvp.free.fr
      and follow Raspberry Pi links.
      You will be directed to the image file to download.

      73 de Bernard f6bvp

      I just wanted to say thank you as now i have found your web site it will save me many months of trials.
      I am so happy to be able to get this imformation as it will /has answered many of my questions.
      The image is coming down now and in the not too distant future I can now see one of my pis replacing
      my existing winffb bbs and will be a whole lot cheaper to run the pi than my current pc 24/7.

      A sincere thank you once again, as we would say in Australia If you were close enough   "I,ll shout you a beer!"

      Kind Regards
      Kerry McKenzie
      PO Box 4492
      Kirwan QLD 4817
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