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1747Re: APRS-IS Rx-only iGate with rtl dongle

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  • mathisono
    May 24, 2013
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      Q: I really like the idea of a .py program on the Rpi. I would like to use Xastir... Sorry! I need to pass messages! and later test Remote control with APRSpackets. The Igate for my station side, needs to have message RX/TX capacity from the terminal!

      Can any one comment on (RF -- RTL_fm -- multimonNG -- Xastir) or should I bypass multimonNG and just set up a sound modem ax25 chain?

      Mabey pymultimonaprs could make a baby with perlaprs? Hi Hi

      could pymultimonaprs support the xtnc? and RTL?


      73 Mathison
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