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1697Re: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] Re: framework for self-starting ham application images on Raspberry pi

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  • Jim Thisdale
    May 14, 2013
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      Hi Kerry

      I got to your vk4tub.no-ip.org website... Nothing about the Pis on there...

      Normally you would just forward port 80 to the machine running apache and make sure the firewall is
      open on that machine.

      If you are looking to have more than one machine runnning apache you will have to use separate port
      numbers, I typically use 81 for the 2nd machine.


      then do a port conversion of 81 to 80 in the router going to the address of the 2nd machine running
      apache. This way I don't have ot change apache config to listen on a different port number, it is
      all handled in the router.

      No, I'm not familar with owncloud...

      Webmin makes administering/config of many programs a lot easier.

      How do you get to your owncloud server, do you use the http://<local-ip> method?
      for external it would be something like:
      assuming you use port number 81 for the 2nd apache machine.

      Perhaps owncloud requires a different port number by default.

      In Linux many programs are NOT DOWNLOADED like in windows. You typically use a 'package manager' and
      tell it what you want to install, it will get the required package files from the 'repository' and
      install them (assuming all goes right.) There are some exceptions to this.

      If I recall correctly you are probably about 13 to 15 hours ahead of me, I'm in Connecticut USA,
      East Coast, Eastern Time Zone. I'm usually up fairly late, 12 - 2 am.

      Can you get on DCS014 ?
      actually you could either connect to my gateway, KB1YPL B or callsign route to me, N1JMM...

      Also I'm on yahoo instant messanger and I could be on many others I just don't log into them unless
      there is a need.

      If you have one of the Pi's setup for SSH, XRDP, you can private email me the log in info and I will
      help you.


      -Jim- N1JMM, KB1YPL_B
      Visit my Pi running ircddb, dvrptr, Apache & many other things:

      On 5/14/13 2:03 PM, Kerry McKenzie wrote:
      > Hi Jim
      > I have setup an owncloud headless PI as it was the only prepared image
      > that i could find on the web,... but cannot see it from the outside
      > although i have made the ports accessible via my router however i can
      > http into it from within my network and upload file and create folders
      > etc, and even setup users.
      > But it does not exist where i need it on the outside, and because linux
      > scatters files all over the place makes it very difficult once again to
      > fault find.
      > Dont know if you know owncloud at all but it runs the free sql edition
      > and apache and it is I would imagine just a matter of finding appache
      > and configuring it to see the outside via my vk4tub.no-ip.org account.
      > I have a friend in Canada who is also helping with a version of fbb that
      > he setup for me and I am trying to find my way around that right now as
      > i have some forwarding issues with it.
      > I am having difficulies with the fact that linux scatters files
      > everywhere and you have to know the paths and where things are kept in
      > order to fault find problems.
      > None of my books cover this and hence many of my problems stem from the
      > fact that i want to run radio projects and not games or programming as
      > this is well covered in all the pie books I have.
      > I am very disappointed with the fact that these are advertised as
      > learning tools for school children and one automatically assumes that
      > they will be a simple thing to use.
      > Misleading for a beginner like myself and also I have not successfully
      > got anything to actually work on the pi myself and still nothing after 5
      > months which is pretty poor meaning I am either a total idiot or it is
      > simply beyond the average person.
      > If it wasn't for the fact that someone else kindly setup fbb for me i
      > would have no hope, compiling all the stuff needed for the pie was a
      > huge learning curve on its own and I had spent months trying.
      > And while I am on it i have searched the web for countless hours looking
      > for this magic repository where all these program's are available for
      > the PI but have never yet found anywhere to download them or where it
      > actually is.
      > I have covered pie for beginners, the actual pie site itself and many
      > other places but am lost as to actually where i can download this software.
      > Apparently you can just type "apt-get" and it magically appears ,...but
      > im aftraid the batteries in my magic wand must be flat ;-)) as i cannot
      > get a dam thing?
      > So Jim right now after all this time I, and effort will except help from
      > absolutely anyone, and in the end i hope that one day it would be nice
      > to actually get something to a work myself on one of these god dam
      > cursed boxes.
      > As I can see the day coming very soon where the whole lot will become
      > wheel chocks for my car.
      > So thank you sincerely for your offer and i will gladly take you up on
      > that, i will go and check the link you have provided and thank you
      > again.......Kerry
      > Jim Thisdale wrote:
      >> Hi Kerry
      >> Have you been able to get "Raspbian Hard Float" image onto a card and
      >> boot it yet?
      >> If so we can work on the rest, I have a lot more than LAMP running on
      >> mine. See my website.
      >> If you can get Raspbian up and running and open the SSH port through
      >> your router I could remote in
      >> and setup the Apache, (My)SQL, & PHP.
      >> -Jim- N1JMM, KB1YPL_B
      >> Visit my Pi running ircddb, dvrptr, Apache & many other things:
      >> http://n1jmm.no-ip.org
      >> On 5/14/13 5:38 AM, Kerry McKenzie wrote:
      >>> Greetings all
      >>> this would be an excellent idea for persons such as myself who are
      >>> unable to grasp the basics of linux.
      >>> I have five raspberry PI's and books galore,....wasted countless printer
      >>> cartridges, reams of paper, two TNC PI's and cant get a god dam single
      >>> radio project to work yet and it is now 5 months.
      >>> So yes please if you have a plug and play option to get simple projects
      >>> off the ground like fbb packet radio or a lamp server,....I will be
      >>> first in the que!!!
      >>> Bring it on!
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