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1691RE: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] framework for self-starting ham application images on Raspberry pi

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  • John B. Cundiff Jr.
    May 14, 2013

      He better not talk two loudly or the big radio makers will  say it was their idea first .


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      Subject: AW: [Raspberry_Pi_4-Ham_RADIO] framework for self-starting ham application images on Raspberry pi



      > Ideas for framework of small computer board:

      > Eliminate the SDcard completely and have on board flash memory, lets go
      > for a gigabyte....
      > connections for programmer?
      > open source firmware/OS if possible
      > include a basic http interface, much like a consumer wifi router has...
      > with backup/load capability.
      > do all configuration/loading over Ethernet.
      > hit the reset button and be up and running....
      > should have a few usb host slots... (sound fobs, memory stick)
      > would be good to have it powered by 12-15vdc like our radios, makes for
      > easy reliable power source.
      > expansion connector for modem board(s)
      > some basic led indicators. (ability to disable lights to conserve power
      > use)
      > some basic I/O would be handy:
      > - few channels of A/D input say 0 - 5vdc range
      > - maybe a few channels of D/A output, 0 - 5vdc?
      > - microphone input
      > - speaker output
      > - digital inputs, +5 vdc with optional internal pull-ups to make for easy
      > switch hookup.
      > - digital outputs, +5 vdc, with optional internal pull-ups, probably open
      > collector to ground
      > suitable for radio ptt or relay sinking.
      > - ???
      > Any other suggestions ?

      Line in should be in stereo (for using with sdr hardware that gives i/q



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