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1577Re: RasPi APRS tracker?

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  • Mathison Ott
    Apr 29, 2013
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      Alex I would pref to load install the software my self. Hi Hi. 

       If you are going to make an image, let xastir be the program that ships, Ive been using it for a +2years now, Ive set the maps up 2 or 3 times. I say the only stressful thing was down loading the maps from a "slow" server in DC! I had trouble pulling maps a few weeks ago... LARGE map file and the servers are often unreliable. Dose any one care to share a map that they like!?  Its a lot to Pull detailed county/city maps for the whole USA, so im looking for a good road map.  The Wiki dose have the info to find the maps and install them (xastir software updates have fixed that problem) A Map  discussion could cut thou the noise...   

      Im only referring to the  Argent Data System Radio box as an example. Ive had the idea that computer AI could respond to APRS or PSK for a bit. This could be the First making it not just another APRS program. For the RPi to interpolate sound KISS & TNC & TCP into GPIO and or execute scripting. IF the code could supports sound kiss decoding/encoding of PSK  COOL! 

      We might be able to cut down on the work by using "dire wolf" 

      73 kj6dzb Mathison

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