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1156Humble Pie (:-/ Re: an alternative to Linux

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  • vk4tub
    Mar 31, 2013
      greetings again from Oz
      I know I said I was totally over Linux but I have to thank the group for your words of encouragement have made me keep going and I do thankyou all for that.

      After a nights sleep and a morning coffee I started into my forth solid day of installing and configuring fbb for Linux onto the Rasberry PI.

      Now I am no stranger to fbb and have been using the dos and windoze versions for over 20 years and enjoy it very much. I have restarted my BBS after a 7 year absence and when the PRI's came on the market I immediately thought that what a great little bbs they would make
      However all the effort to get it installed on the rasberian little box has been a major undertaking and I have been on this for just over a month now.

      I can and have plenty of practise at installing the pi software and setting up my PI's for networking and XRDP etc, and no problem finding my way around the Linux GUI.
      But I do have difficulty with the unknown commands that make it possible to install software.

      I had no idea how to extract, make ,make install, then configure the software from the command line.

      Plus I am just battling through setting up the AX25 ports as I require telnet and one single radio port. My problem is I don't know what it is asking for, and or how this will interace with the com port and telnet port that I will setup for fbb?

      I have a usb to serial adaptor already recognized and don't understand why I cannot just point fbb at that, instead of all this AX25 stuff, as the easy bit is to configure fbb.

      I am pleased to say that I have made big in roads compared to yesterday which was almost the end of Linux for me.

      And at least I now have fbb installed but am stuck on what is being asked of the ax25 ports and does telnet come into this or any other ports? In dos it is just a mater of telling fbb that the port is 2f8 or 3f8 and the speed pretty simple stuff.

      However I have another layer to contend with and I have so far downloaded 36 pages of how to ax25 and after I finish typing this I will take a look.
      As the fbb bit really is the easy part of this whole thing.

      I will keep you posted as to my progress/frustration with this project.
      kind regards Kerry VK4TUB
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