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New RQPC (version 2700)

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  • Erdemaal
    Dear RQPC User(s), I just upload a new version of your beloved RQPC at http://www.teledisnet.be/web/jph01696/RapidQ/Rqpc_2700_1.zip It now requires Resource
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2007
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      Dear RQPC User(s),

      I just upload a new version of your beloved RQPC at


      It now requires Resource Hacker, a trustable tool available for
      five years at least.

      It should be much easier to install, thanks to RQPC_Setup.Exe and
      CheckInstall.Exe, and much easier to learn, thanks to RQPC_IDE.Exe

      RQPC ReadMeFirst.Txt February 7th, 2007 Jacques

      - Unzip all the files of the distribution in a Directory named RQPC
      - Run RQPC_Setup.Exe
      - Run CheckInstall.Exe
      - Run RQPC_IDE.Exe to learn how to use RQPC
      - Optional, for more learning, run Tutorial/Make_RQPC.Bat and do the

      The only real install ?difficulty? is to __FIRST__ copy RapidQ32.Dll
      in your Windows directory, copy RapidQ32.Dll to the directory of
      RQPC and rename it RQ32.DLL. Only the William original RapidQ32.Dll
      and Snakedile V107 and later work, preferably download V109 at

      For copyright reasons, the RapidQ32.Dll included in this package is
      William's original.

      - to know more about RQPC, read file Doc.Txt (it is included in
      RQPC.EXE and can be displayed by clicking HELP button in the
      RPQC output window)

      - to know more about Tiny executable and ByteCode see

      - to include Fast Masm or FreeBasic or Gcc functions in your RapidQ
      code, read doc.txt and see the examples in the EXAMPLES directory.
      An easy Beginning is Examples/Fb/Minimum

      - questions about RQPC can be posted at RapidQ_EX@yahoogroups.com
      ---- End ReadMeFirst.Txt --------------------------------------------

      versions Changes (read from bottom to top :)
      v 0.2700 (better works with RapidQ32.Dll V109)
      - add flag ''pre cmd printf . In gcc, the stdin/out/err
      did not work. With "printf" it will. It helps to
      debug gcc code. (same problem, not yet solved, with bcc)
      No need of "printf" to have the rapidq "Print" work.
      with "printf" exe size is much larger 250k vs 10k
      - if NoDone is set, TinyDone is disabled if present
      (= set false)
      - files passed in ''pre cmd options can now contain space
      providing they are passed between double quotes
      (as in Command line)
      - now BCC icon accepts path with space (it was a rqpc bug)
      - windres, the MinGw resource compiler does not work
      with path including space ... maybe a new version ???.
      Google: [ mingw-Bugs-1640385 ] windres.and spaces in path
      - add possibility to modify maximum Run Time Link
      buffer size. With RTLBUFF=666666
      This can be done in RQPC.INI with RTL_BUFFER=
      in command line with RTLBUFF=123456 and in a
      ''pre cmd line with RTLBUFF=9999
      Default is 32708. Will accept something like 1000
      resolved names. Warning on Overflow in launcher codes.
      With FreeBasic: no limit, no warning.
      - solved masm pb called from another drive
      Environ ("PATH=" & sPath & ";" & Left$(MASM32_ROOT_DIR, _
      Len(MASM32_ROOT_DIR) - 1) &";")
      Environ ("INCLUDE=" & MASM32_ROOT_DIR & "include")
      Environ ("LIB=" & MASM32_ROOT_DIR & "lib")
      - if upx is set, no TinyDone ... may bug with resource
      hacker if TinyDone is set on an already upxed file
      - RQ32DLL=ANYTHING.DLL is the DLL called to execute
      the bytecode if no ADDDLL is used. When a ADDDLL is
      set as option, RQ32.DLL in RQPC directory is always
      used and extracted at Runtime as RQ32.DLL
      - Exe Command Line bugs solved: double space accepted,
      Tab accepted, ... for all Compiler
      - Exe Can now be run without its .exe extension
      for all supported compilers
      - to be used, ResHacker.Exe and Upx.Exe must be present
      in the same directory as RQPC
      - added new command line or ''pre cmd options:
      "ADDDLL" = "ADDRQ32DLL" for flagAddDll = True
      "NODLL" = "NOADDRQ32DLL" for flagAddDll = False (default)
      "UPX" for flagUpx = True
      "NOUPX" for flagUpx = False (default)
      added in "RQPC.INI FLAG_ADDDLL=0" "FLAG_UPX=0"
      - if FLAG_UPX=1 then the code is upxed (full exe ~450K)
      - ResHacker addoverwrite resource:
      - bytecode name: NBYTECODE, type: TBYTECODE
      - icon name: MAINICON, type: ICONGROUP
      if FLAG_ADDDLL=1 default=0
      - RQ32.Dll name: NRQ32DLL, type: TRQ32DLL
      dll will be load as resource in the exe and
      extracted to app directory at start.
      RapidQ32.Dll must be copied to RQPC directory
      and renamed "RQ32.DLL". RQ32.DLL can be UPXED (340K)
      Resource language is always 0
      - uses ResHacker to build tiny exe, bytecode is a
      true resource, not appended anymore (Paul's idea)
      (Exe is now a full plain PE. Can now be upxed ie)

      v 0.2133 (better work RapidQ32.Dll 109)
      - Known bug:
      - error at MASM compile when source code is not on the
      same drive as MASM (will be solved later)
      - Limitations for RQPC and all .Exe build with RQPC:
      - must be run RQPC.EXE the .exe is mandatory
      - multiple space in command line is considered
      as end of command line
      - TAB in commandline are not recognized
      - add .RC merge, all the .RC passed will be merged and
      appended to the RQPC MAINICON and ??? setting
      - to force launcher recompile without writing an external
      code add null.asm, null.cpp, null.fbb or null.bpp in a
      ''pre cmd line or in the command line. only work when
      one single external code file is added
      - Set Resource Icon to MAINICON in all external compiler
      launcher. With version, 109 of RapidQ32.Dll, Form and
      application icon will automatically be inherited
      Thank you Paul
      - suppressed CreateWindowEx in External Compiler Launcher
      Thank you Paul.
      - add "AddDone" = "Done" which reset the flagNoDone. When
      flag_NO_DONE was set in the INI, it was then impossible
      to reset it in the code.
      - accept more than one module .Asm, .Fbb, .Cpp, Bcc, with
      Masm main. Some limitations, see examples
      v 0.1920 Gcc error outpout captured correctly.
      v 0.1912 20 minutes later, RQPC no more open a console
      v 0.1911 first upload
      ' ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Licence Agreement:
      RQPC software is released as freeware provided that
      you agree to the following terms and conditions:

      1. This software is not to be distributed via
      any website domain or any other media without
      the prior written approval of the copyright owner.

      2. This software is not to be used in any way to
      illegally modify software.

      DISCLAIMER: A user of this RQPC software acknowledges
      that he or she is receiving this software on an
      "as is" basis and the user is not relying on the
      accuracy or functionality of the software for any
      purpose. The user further acknowledges that any use
      of this software will be at the user's own risk and
      the copyright owner accepts no responsibility
      whatsoever arising from the use or application of
      the software.

      As you always did, report bugs in this group!

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