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Re: ICOM G3 Gateway

Thanks for the note and thanks for all the hard work on the repeaters, if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. Billy Bob ... Wm. Robert Sekul
Wm. Robert Sekul
Jan 30

Re: ICOM G3 Gateway

Johnnie, there appears to be an issue with the VHF machine.  It has very limited range, I will have to make it back up to the site to check it out.  We have
Donald Loper
Jan 29

Re: ICOM G3 Gateway

Hey Robert, how's everything going? The UHF module is linked to the Southeastern DStar weather net at 8:00 Sunday nights, it is linked on  Tuesday nights at
Donald Loper
Jan 29

Re: ICOM G3 Gateway

Awesome news. Thanks, Tommy
Jan 26

Re: ICOM G3 Gateway

Thanks for all the work don. Are the repeaters down? The VHF won't come up an the UHF almost have to be in Brandon to get it, but just a few bars. Was
Jan 19

ICOM G3 Gateway

I completed the upgrade on the Rankin County (K5RKN) gateway to the latest version (G3) just released. We were the 11th repeater to be fully upgraded to the
Jan 18

Registration Request

Hey Donald, I was just inquiring about a registration request I sent about a week ago and its still not showing up. Is there anything more I need to do? Jon -
Mar 26, 2015

Re: Registration Request

Wayne, I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to approve this.   I'm going to try to get it done tonight.   Just had a lot going on.  Sent from my Samsung
Donald Loper
Jan 29, 2015

Registration Request

I was wanting to check on the registration request I sent in on Jan. 23. It is still saying that my request has not been approved. Could you please check on
Jan 29, 2015

Re: Gateway?

Everything is working on the gateway.  I have, in conjunction with the Trustee, disabled DPlus except when it is scheduled on Wednesday for the Ham Nation
Donald Loper
Jan 16, 2015

Re: Gateway?

I think D-Plus is not working properly, and the dashboard is not updating properly. I'm not able to link to it neither
Jan 16, 2015


Hi guys. I tried to link the repeater a few times to a reflector and could never get it to link to anywhere. I do get the ID back in the response data. It did
Jan 15, 2015

Re: What repeater?

That is the Rankin County UHF machine, it's located where the VHF machine is.  It is port B and the VHF machine is port C. Sent from my personalized C Spire
Donald Loper
Jun 1, 2014

What repeater?

What D-Star repeater is 444.825? I have an old setup on the program, and cannot figure out where it is. I am finding it difficult to understand the newest
Jun 1, 2014

Re: Using an 880 on DStar... need help

Roger Sent from my personalized C Spire Galaxy S 4 -------- Original message -------- From: "brichardson4@... [Rankin_Co_D-Star]"
Donald Loper
May 31, 2014
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