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Another news day in Israel

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  • WarrenS
    Today (3 March 2013) in Haaretz, Israel s oldest newspaper: * Michael Kassen, head of AIPAC, says Israel needs to step up political donations to Washington
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2013
      Today (3 March 2013) in Haaretz, Israel's oldest newspaper:

      * Michael Kassen, head of AIPAC, says Israel needs to step up political donations
      to Washington politicians to "safeguard" US support for Israel which otherwise is in danger
      of waning.

      * Palestinians are not allowed to ride on Israel public transportation unless they have
      special cards authorizing them. However, that's too hard on the Jews, therefore,
      they are going to have a new policy with segregated palestinian-only buses and
      jew-only buses.

      * Ben Zygier, the Australian who died in secret Israeli jail as a "suicide" -- why was he jailed? Rumors now reported are that he was believed to have exposed Mossad plans in Italy to the Australian intelligence service.

      * Some Palestinians might try to get a better life by passing themselves off as Jews.
      To avert that threat to the purity of the master race, the state has started to formulate a policy whereby Israeli citizens living in the Gaza Strip must undergo tissue-culture testing to confirm their identities before being granted permission to enter the country.
      Haaretz recommends this policy be stopped.

      * A muslim soccer player scored a goal in international match. Hundreds of fans then walk out of stadium in protest.

      * Palestinian protestor was killed 4 years ago by Israeli police. His mother is suing to ask for a decision on whether to indict those who killed him.

      * Israeli security forces stand by while watching Jewish settler harass Palestinian shepherds.
      This is commonplace but in the present instance they were caught doing it on camera,
      indeed shaking hands with the said settler... thus leading to front page news story.

      * The Liberal & Conservative parties have a plan to join forces and thus force Netanyahu to
      end Israeli policy that Orthodox Jews do not need to serve in the army and instead will
      be paid by the state to study religion. Also demand kicking the orthodox-Jewish party out of the governing coalition in order to get their cooperation. This is an interesting case
      where Israel's PR election system may have accomplished something that would not have been accomplished in the USA's kind of voting system.
      Netanyahu is trying to fight back by claiming that Israel must unite in face of "Iranian threat" hence those who oppose him traitorous. Unclear how this all will pan out.
      Another Haaretz editorial predicts that Netanyahu will start a war because that will allow
      him to keep political power.

      * Ariel Sharon (former Israel head) was witnessed personally shooting 2 toddlers dead
      by somebody who claims to have been standing next to him at the time. He's been
      saying so ever since but it never stopped Sharon's political success.

      * Europe trying to give lesser trade status to Israeli settlements for violating terms of accord. Somewhat difficult since the European action is intended to be punitive against the settlements but not Israel proper. Netanyahu brands this Euor-move as "one of the greatest moral failues of our time."

      * An Arab woman was assaulted by a female Jew without provocation at a rail station,
      and her assault was then joined by several others. Meanwhile others including a cop
      looked on apathetically, but this was caught on camera hence made it into the news.
      Story ends by recounting that the day before, same thing happend to "an Arab man from Jaffa" who was told it's "because you're Arab."

      * Adolf Hitler's relatives were DNA-tested revealing that Hitler had genes from Ashkenazi Jews and North Africa. It is suspected Hitler's jawbone survives and if so they want to try to test it.

      * Film "The gatekeeper" interviews 6 former heads of Shin Bet (Israeli intelligence/investigative service, something like the CIA and FBI in the United States)
      All articulate their shared conviction that the continued Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories will not lead to peace or a political solution for the future of the state of Israel,
      and one states that the Israel policies are modeled after Nazi methods.

      * Dutch film director George Sluizer was accused of a 'modern blood libel' after the director claimed to have seen then Defense Minister Ariel Sharon (later, in 2001, became Israeli prime minister) personally shooting children from close range near the Sabra-Shatilla refugee camp in 1982. Sluizer says he saw Sharon killing the children while standing near him. He's been saying so ever since, but his accusations had little or no deleterious effect on Sharon's political career. However, his accusations recently got front page coverage.
      [Sharon definitely had killed plenty of, e.g. women & children many years before as commander of an Israeli terrorist force, which, e.g. carried out the
      Qibya massacre in the fall of 1953, in which 69 Palestinian civilians, some children, were killed when Sharon's troops attacked the village and dynamited buildings there in a reprisal for a fedayeen attack in Yehud.]
      Sluizer says "the victims were toddlers, two or three years old. He shot them from a distance of 10 meters with a pistol that he carried."
      In an interview for Haaretz, Sluizer said his cameraman Fred van Kuyk, who died a few years ago, also witnessed the shooting. Sluizer also said he had personally filed two complaints against Sharon in 1983, with the International Court of Justice in the Hague and the European Court of Human Right in Strasbourg.
      Sluizer says he never received a reply from either institution.
      Haaret quote various Israeli government functionaries saying it was nonsense since
      Sharon would never have done that.
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