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7128Re: Burial in Condorcet & IRV / replies to brokenladder / "chicken"

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    Mar 2, 2008
      --- In RangeVoting@yahoogroups.com, "warren_d_smith31" <wds@...> wrote:
      > 2. Is burial worth it in Condorcet methods, Bayesian-regret-wise?
      > Well certainly it CAN be.

      I guess I was hoping for something fairly decisive. If the idea is
      "Condorcet burial is strategically wise if not that many other voters
      do it", then you have to figure out some kind of reasonable Nash
      equilibrium. If not a lot of voters are doing it, then it will be
      advantageous, so a lot more voters will do it, so then it will become
      disadvantageous, so then fewer voters will do it...etc.

      My guess is that you are either in a situation where not that many
      voters are doing it, so that it's a "safe bet", or you're in a
      situation where so many voters are doing it that you're probably going
      to get the dark horse no matter what, so you might as well bury. I
      think the point would be to try a bunch of trials over a range of
      strategic-ness, from 0% to 100%, and see whether the average voter
      would have a positive or negative expected value from burying --
      assuming that there is some edge case between "dark horse doesn't win"
      and "dark horse wins", where it would make a significant difference.

      Your chicken game sounds similar to the prisoners' dilemma.
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