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6 August 2004

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  • Tom Knapp
    Hello!! Here s what s new at Rambles.NET, your best source on the Internet for roots and traditional music, fiction, folklore and movie reviews! Go to
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      Here's what's new at Rambles.NET, your best source on the Internet for
      roots and traditional music, fiction, folklore and movie reviews!

      Go to http://www.rambles.net to access the new edition and much, much
      more! (Our archives contain more than 6,900 reviews, interviews and
      other bits of excitement.) See you there!

      The thought of taking two weeks off just broke our editor's heart. So
      here's a very short and wee mini-update to keep you going 'til the
      honeymoon is over. Yes, it's short, but it's quality material! And
      don't forget, there was an extra-BIG edition on July 31, so if you
      haven't perused it all yet, just scroll on down!

      Now, where did I leave that tux...?

      Smoky Finish orders everyone to Clear This Planet ... Immediately with
      "rock 'n' reel" album of clever arrangements and heightened emotion,
      Tom Knapp says. "A fine Scotch whisky is often described as having a
      'smoky finish.' Likewise, this band is a pure, concentrated dose that
      goes down smooth and just might leave you reeling in the aftermath."

      The Spiderwick Chronicles conclude with The Wrath of Mulgarath, and
      authors Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black don't let the story slacken for
      even a moment. "This is no lark of a summer's day adventure; the Graces
      face real dangers and suffer real losses as they match wits and
      youthful courage against terrible odds," Tom says. "While not
      appropriate for the very youngest of children, who might be disturbed
      by images of ogres and goblins, this series will be loved by children
      and young adults, standing on a par with Harry Potter without the same
      time commitment needed to wade through such weighty tomes."

      Benjamin Franklin's more surprising thoughts are collected by Carl
      Japikse in Fart Proudly: Writings of Benjamin Franklin You Never Read
      in School. Kate Danemark explains why it's sometimes best to keep a bit
      of mystery around beloved historical figures. "I don't like this guy,"
      she sadly explains. "He's misogynistic, classist and long-winded. He
      clearly finds himself very amusing and tends to explain at great length
      to the rest of us just why that is so."

      The new movie De-Lovely fails to live up to its name, says Chet
      Williamson. "Five minutes into it my wife and I looked at each other as
      though to reassure ourselves that the movie theatre we were in was
      indeed part of reality, and we had not slipped into some Bizarro world
      of alternate movie musicals," he says. "A weak, schizophrenic script
      and a collection of what may be the worst performances ever of a great
      songwriter's oeuvre sink this poor tub before it's even christened."

      That's all for another day here at Rambles.NET. Hurry back! (And don't
      forget to check out the much LARGER update below!)
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