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    Star of Wonder: Tour the December Sky (http://reference.aol.com/space/nightsky/_a/touring-the-december-sky/20061128130009990001?ncid=AOLRNL00140000000006 ) As
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2006
      Star of Wonder: Tour the December Sky
      http://reference.aol.com/space/nightsky/_a/touring-the-december-sky/20061128130009990001?ncid=AOLRNL00140000000006As the days get shorter, you can start stargazing early in the December sky. Look east for the bright constellation Orion as well as Aldebaran and, higher, the Pleiades star cluster. See three planets together before dawn Dec. 10 and the Geminid meteors Dec. 13-14.
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