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Fw: Sharing my latest FB note

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      From: "Mohamed Said, Isnariah" <Isnariah.Mohamed-Said@...>
      Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 14:00:06 +0800
      Subject: FW: Sharing my latest FB note

      Another note on bersyukur, ikhlas and redha.

      Spare some tissues(!)


      From: Adnan, Aida
      Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 12:37 PM
      To: Mohamed Said, Isnariah; Aishah, Mohd-Tahir
      Subject: FW: Sharing my latest FB note


      My friend wrote about yesterday’s celebration.


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      From: Noorhayati Munit
      Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2011 12:27 PM
      To: Adnan, Aida
      Subject: Sharing my latest FB note



      A Day at The Orphanage


      by Noorhayati Munit on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 12:10pm

       A friend celebrated her 43rd birthday yesterday with a difference. She held it at an orphanage.

       I was apprehensive at first when I received the invitation. I’ve never been to an orphanage before, have only read  stories about them from the newspapers and such. From my readings, I perceived that these orphanages are poorly run due to lack of funds. The poor conditions of the houses and the sorry state of the children always made me cry and I hated that feeling.  

       Naturally, I didn’t want to go at first for I was afraid I would bawl my eyes out during the visit. But closer to the day and after several SMS from my friend, I decided to go instead because I wanted to be there on her special day. Cry or no cry, I had to do this for her.

       When I reached the place, I saw a few girls standing outside the house. They were all wearing jubah and bertudung. I asked for direction, they said it’s at the house next door. Upon entering the house, I saw my friend, who had arrived earlier with her mother.

       There were many girls sitting on the floor inside the house, aged from 4-18 years old. As I walked in, they all got up to salam my hand. There were also a few boys, aged 4-5 years old, running around. When they saw me, they came up to me and shook my hand politely. They reminded me of my own son, Nizzar.

       Seeing them all there made me feel very humbled. No parent, no home to call their own. According to the caretaker, Ummi, some of these kids were abandoned by their mothers while some were left there by their own parents as they were unable to care for them. How unfortunate..

       I wondered what’s in store for them… how would their future hold?

       The girls were a little shy, didn’t speak much unless asked, but the little boys were very talkative. One boy was wearing a Ben-10 watch. So, I asked him, “Awak suka Ben-10 ke?”  He said, “Suka!”. Then I asked again, “Kat sini ada banyak toys ke?”. He answered, “Tak ada. Ini satu saja.” That hit me.

       At home, my son had baskets of toys and I’d buy him a new one almost every week. That’s spoiling him, I know, but I can’t help it because I love to see the look on his face whenever he gets a new toy. Over there at the orphanage, that boy only had one toy to play with and even then, it had to be shared with the other 3 boys. I felt so bad thinking about Nizzar’s smashed up toys, because if only these boys could have them, they would be jumping with joy.

       Then during makan time, I sat on the floor with the boys to eat my meal. I noticed, they didn’t talk much during meals. They ate quietly and focused on finishing the food on their plates.

       Towards the end of the meal, one of the boys told me that he couldn’t finish his rice. So I told him, “Kalau tak boleh habis tak apa lah.”  He stood up and walked towards the kitchen to send his plate for washing, but was stopped by Ummi, who coaxed him to finish his rice slowly. They sat down and ate together, and in the end, he managed to clean up his plate !

       In another incident, a cute 4-year old girl looked up to me as she was fiddling with the rice on her plate. I asked her, “Dah kenyang ke?” She said, “Saya sakit perut..” So I told her to stop eating if she has had enough. I really thought she wouldn’t be able to finish her rice because there was quite a lot on her plate. But suddenly, one of the bigger girls took the plate from her hand and started feeding her slowly with her own hands. She continued doing so gently until the little girl finished her rice. Amazing!

       That incident made me realise how ignorant and unappreciative I had been for the rezeki that Allah had bestowed upon us. At the orphanage, the children were thought not to waste and to finish everything on their plates during meal times. This is because food is scarce and the opportunity of eating such delicious food like what we had yesterday is very rare; thus everyone should finish their food.

       Unlike me, I would not hesitate to ask my son to stop eating whenever he said he is full. I felt so ashamed by my own lackadaisical attitude.  I should change this habit and make sure he finishes his food after this.

       In summary, my brief visit to the orphanage yesterday thought me a thing or two about human kindness, being grateful and unconditional love for these children. I wish the children would have a good life despite the circumstances that they are in right now. I also hope there will be more people like Ummi who would be brave and kind enough to take care of these orphans. It’s not an easy job, nothing glamorous about it and you don’t get paid for it. All you hope for is blessings from Allah and doa from these children who are special in their own ways...

       Before I took my leave, I promised the boys I would be back with some toys for them. I found out they are also a big fan of Ultaraman! Ha ha.. boys will be boys! I showed them some of Nizzar's photos with his Ultraman collection and they were so impressed.

       One of them excitedly told me, “Esok aunty datang sini bawak toys, ok! Jangan lupa... Datang esok, tau!”  

       Yes, I shall look for your toys and pay you another visit very soon. I will not let you down, boys.


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